Can You Get Cash for A Car Without Keys?

Selling your old or unwanted automotive to cash for car companies is no longer a hassle. You can get a quote, and within hours you can be paid.

The buyer will ask for a few things such as the car title and your identification documents. But what happens if the keys are lost?

Is it possible to let it go and even get paid when you do not have the keys? The short answer is yes. The most important thing is to have the required documents to prove ownership. 

What Should You Have to Get Cash for A Car Without Keys

Before any local cash for cars company buys your vehicle, they will need you to prove you own the automobile. You will need to show beyond doubt you are the legal owner of the car. 

Registration papers that match your ID are the most common way to prove this, but in some instances, they will require the vehicle’s receipt. With these documents, you can sell it without issues.

In some instances, you may not have the car’s receipt. Especially if you purchased a second-hand one. The cash for cars company can conduct the vehicle history to ascertain you are the owner. 

Are There Cost Implications If You Cannot Find the Keys?

This is a common question with vehicle owners who have lost keys. In most cases, the offer given will be lower than if you had the access. This is due to how problematic it is to move it and gain accessibility. 

The wheels are stuck as you cannot steer it without the keys. Perhaps it is parked in a way the wheels are not facing forward which worsens the situation.

The reason is, a key replacement might be needed. Someone will need to access it safely to decide what is useful and what needs to be recycled. 

If the doors are locked, and a window has to be broken, the price will go down further. It is better if the doors are open.

Must The Car Be Unlocked First?

Your car does not have a key thus; the inside cannot be accessed. The good thing is that even with towing it away, the keys will not be necessary. 

Besides, cash for cars service providers will pay you. They do not need to do a key replacement or interfere with the locks to gain access.

The easiest way they deal with it is to break one of the windows. The hand or foot brake is released, and it is towed away to the specific yard or location. 

Most of the areas including siphoning fuel and accessing the hood require some break-ins to be done. It is a lot of hassle to do it and it’s one reason the price may be lower than if you had the keys.

To answer the question, the car does not have to be unlocked first.

You Lost Your Keys and The Logbook

It can be quite unfortunate that you have lost your logbook and the keys at the same time. Perhaps the car has been rotting in the backyard, and you haven’t bothered about it for quite some time.

You cannot remember where you last saw the car title or the keys. It should not stress you when you are in this situation.

It can be broken into to tow it away or opened from the inside. When it comes to the logbook, a receipt of purchase will suffice. 

The bottom line is to prove you were the last registered owner. Even if the company agrees to purchase it, you will not be paid until you prove you have the legal right to sell it.

Do All Cash for Cars Companies Accept Cars Without Keys?

Although most of them accept vehicles without keys, you must enquire with them. It is better to be safe than sorry.

However, if you are in this situation, be ready to prove ownership. They offer responsible services to make sure the car you are selling is yours. You can legally sell it.

You will get a lower deal, but it will be hassle-free and worth it.

Should You Consider Getting a Replacement

Getting a key replacement would be an option too although it is not necessary. A reputable locksmith will help you get one in no time. They will only reprogram a new one while deprogramming the old one.

Depending on the model of the car, the type of the key, and the blanks available, you can get a replacement as soon as needed. 

Generally, you do not have to wait for long. You can get it within hours or the same day. 

Once The Cash for Cars Company Accept to Buy the Car

Once the cash for cars company has agreed to purchase the car, there will be no much needed from you. The next thing is to set up an appointment.

Make sure you provide the actual details to avoid disappointment. The company will process the required paperwork. 

It is after this that you can schedule a date and time when it will be picked. It is at this time that you will also be paid if all is in order. 


You have an old car in the yard that you cannot trace its keys. No matter how much you try to figure out where the key is, it is impossible to remember. 

Regardless, you can still get cash for cars. Just like cars in other conditions, you can get paid for it and for what it is worth. 

All you need to do is prove that you are the registered owner with the appropriate documents. It might take longer than usual, but you will eventually be paid.

Fact that it will be a challenge moving the car, you will get paid less than what it is worth. Despite this, it is not an excuse not to dispose of your car.

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