Car Safety Tips for Kids

Car Safety Tips for Kids

Summer means fun in the sun! Water parks, grandparents house, sleep over with friends! It also means safety, safety for parents and children in cars. Every family should have summer car tips they follow for their children. To keep them happy and safe in the car. 

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1. Never leave a child in the car. 

There’s been so many news stories and studies that show a child is not safe in a car alone, especially if the car is off, in the summer heat! Even if you need to run in he store real quick, those few minutes can heat that car up like a literal oven. Now don’t think you’ll just leave the car running with the a/c on, then your child is a potential target of kidnapping. A car jacker could take your car with your baby inside it! 

2. Keep snacks and extra drinks.

Grumpy, hungry kids that are hot is not a good combo. If you know it is going to be hot and you’re going to be traveling, make sure the kids’ tummies are full and they are hydrated. 

3. Check car seats/seat belts.

 Make sure all kids are safe and secure in their car seats, and are properly buckled. Some parents forget to check, especially when little kids get a bit older and think they can do it themselves. Parents think that’ll be one last thing they do not have to worry about, but you want to make sure it was properly done and keeps them safe. 

4. Watch before you drive. 

If you’re off to work or the store and your kids are outside playing, make sure you watch before you drive. Worst case scenario you hit one of your own children. Let them know also, that when you are in the car coming in or leaving to stay clear of the vehicle. To keep themselves safe and build some common sense for them. 

5. Cool down the car. 

 Your car can heat up in the summer, whether it’s in the driveway in some shade, or in the garage. The temperature is still hot. The seat belts can be blistering, the car door handles can be very hot to the touch, etc. When you know you are going to be driving with your children, turn the a/c on and let it cool down for about 5 minutes. Letting the temperature get low before letting your children in is much safe then putting them directly into a humid/hot car. 

Follow these summer safety tips for you and your children and have a wonderful safe summer! 

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