Car Tech Trends for 2018

Over the years car tech have been greatly been evolving. From wifi, bluetooth, hands free parking, driverless vehicles, and even electric engines are now our reality. Soon I bet we will see flying cars in the future. But with much of this already happening in most parts of our world there are lots of new awesome innovations coming to the automotive world.

Car Tech Trends for 2018

Here are few trends to watch for that you might want to use:

  1. Defeating Carhackers. With new computer features, vehicles security will be much more important. With many cars now having so many computer network components it’s been easier for carhackers to get in to them and cause problems. However in some high end cars, manufacturers are using an artificial intelligence to develop a ‘live’ protection from these types of carhackings to stop them from causing viruses which carhackers can use to affect our cars security and it’s performance.
  2. Car Key Wrist band. Now days we are using cellphones to pay for stuff and talking to our wrist watches to send text messaged and answer our phones. So these new car key wrist bands that act as keys to get into our vehicles are becoming the new in thing. They are as simple as tapping the band against a specified part of the vehicle to simply open the door. That is about the coolest thing I have heard of. It sure would be convenient when you have children. Plus they are said to be waterproof, which means you could wear them everywhere and have a harder time losing your keys. 
  3. Making Dashcams a standard part of the vehicle. I have always thought that Dashcams should be a part of every vehicle. It sure would stop a lot of accident fraud and help out a lot of accident claims. Now some vehicle manufacturers are beginning to make them a part of their new lines. By building them into their vehicles as a standard. Do you think this should be a standard on all vehicles? 
  4. Soloar-powered. Could you imagine never having to pay for gas again? Well they may no longer some day just be a thought, because this is something experts have been working on. Their vision is that the vehicle will have a special car glass. This glass will then enable the vehicle to be powered by the sun. I will be dreaming of this day.
  5. More apps. Get ready to see a lot more in-car entertainment coming in 2018. This has become a big priority for many manufacturers. As you know we now have self-driving vehicles, which means drivers are hands free will want to connect more with business and entertainment.   
  6. More solar power. It seems regular car batteries could possibly become a thing of the past if this new idea works out. Manufactures are working on a new side panel battery and they are becoming a real thing. The test are for door panels which could store power and be capable of fast recharge. This would even reduce the weight of our vehicles. 

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What new auto tech trends coming in 2018 have you heard about? And which ones are you most excited for?

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