United Nissans Don Forman and His Simple Equation to Help Others

If you’ve ever watched Fox5 Surprise Squad, then you’ve probably heard about Don Forman, the owner of United Nissan and Tustin Nissan in Las Vegas and California, respectively. The businessman has been giving away free cars to lucky recipients since 2014. What people probably didn’t know is that the germination of the idea came from Forman himself. If you’ve ever come across this low-profile businessman, the first impression that will strike … [Read more...]

How to Spot a Car That’s Been in a Flood

Summer is such a great time! Warm weather, pools and fun water parks. Cook outs, fun at friends' houses, ice cream, shorts, beautiful sunsets, tans etc! Who wouldn't love the summer time? Well there are a lot of people who don't, for some states around America, summer means rainy/hurricane season. No fun in the sun, no tanning, nor cook outs, rain, humidity and more rain. There have been a few bad hurricanes passing through, wrecking homes, … [Read more...]

5 Tips on Preventing Common Car Breakdowns

As drivers we have quite a lot in common. Although we drive different cars, have different driving styles, etc. we all have been in the same situations with our cars. Breakdowns. You might think in that moment when your car has broken down, "Why me? Why does this only happen to me?!" That's where you are wrong, we have all been there. Some have been there too many times, so there has to be ways to prevent the most common reason our cars … [Read more...]

8 Tips on Getting Your Car Ready for Fall

The first day of fall has passed, and we're adjusting to the cool breezy weather, change in the leaves, and a sudden smell of nutmeg is all over the world now. Driver's need to make sure they take the correct changes to get their vehicles ready for the fall. Coming out of the summer heat and falling into Autumn can be harsh on some cars. Here is a list of things you should be sure to check out to help get your car ready for the new … [Read more...]

Great Deals at Thompson Toyota in Edgewood, MD

Car maintenance and keeping it serviced regularly is very important to keeping your vehicle running good for a long time. Whether you just need an oil change, tire rotation or need repairs you should think about getting your car serviced and save some money while your at it.  At Thompson Toyota in Edgewood, MD they offer a large of Toyota service coupons to help you save money on your regular auto maintenance services and other repairs … [Read more...]

Car Safety Tips for Kids

Summer means fun in the sun! Water parks, grandparents house, sleep over with friends! It also means safety, safety for parents and children in cars. Every family should have summer car tips they follow for their children. To keep them happy and safe in the car.  In the market for a brand new family vehicle? Head on over to Legacy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and check out the new 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. This is an amazing family … [Read more...]

5 Car Gadgets for 2018

It's a new day and age, technology is getting more advanced by the day, new gadgets are coming out all the time making our daily lives better and easier. Whether it be for cooking, cleaning, working, or driving.  Speaking of driving, there are so many new car gadgets for 2018 that can make driving easier, and more enjoyable for some and just make you up to date with everything. Plus there are many new vehicles that are loaded to handle … [Read more...]

Tips for New Drivers

No matter how old you are, getting on the road for the first time and finally being a driver can be exciting yet overwhelming. You might think you know everything and are ready to drive everywhere all the time, but there are a few things that new drivers might not be aware of or might not think is such a big deal. There are few things that can help new drivers be safer, and things for them to know in the future when they are driving.  1. … [Read more...]