What Are the Risks of Dermal Fillers?

Photo by Тарапата Анна: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-having-botox-injected-10600173/ Injections of dermal fillers belong to the most popular procedures in contemporary aesthetic medicine. They are used to rejuvenate and enhance the overall appearance of a patient effectively. One of the main reasons why these procedures are so beloved by medical professionals and their patients is their high safety. Still, are there any risks of … [Read more...]

Officially Love Chrissy’s Knee High Socks!

My family is always looking for great quality sports socks, especially for our teen who plays basketball. You would think finding a good-quality pair of socks would be easy however we have found that not to be the case. We have purchased so many different brands and only to find a few that last and have the colors we need. Recently we were sent some custom sports socks from Chrissy's Knee High Socks that we ordered and my son absolutely loves … [Read more...]

6 Pearl Colors and Their Hidden Meanings

When it comes to accessorizing a look, jewelry seems to be one of the best ways to complete any outfit. It is very versatile as you can find it in many styles, designs and colors that fit anyone’s taste. A type of jewelry that has always been almost every fashionista’s top choice are pearls. Generally, pearls are known for their timeless beauty and elegant appearance that can suit women of all ages and every skin tone. You can wear it to both … [Read more...]

Knowing How to Rock the Perfect Outfit For Different Occasions

Everyone loves to look good, regardless of their wardrobe content and quality. Although those two things are essential, having a fabric that is comfortable and appropriate for the occasion is also important. So, it makes no difference if you wear a $10,000 dress or a $300 one. What matters most is that the fabric is comfortable and appropriate for the occasion and that it suits the body shape. Besides, summer is in full swing. It is time to … [Read more...]

5 Best Skin Care Routines for Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the most challenging skin care concerns of most people. It comes with issues such as shiny, sweaty appearance and most of all, the tendency to develop acne. Oily skin needs to be dealt with great care but the good news is that some routines can help effectively! Read on to learn about the 5 important skin care routines that can help you keep oily skin and its troubles at bay. What causes oily skin? Did you know that … [Read more...]

6 3CE Bestsellers Your Daughter Will Love

When we were still little, we used to watch our moms put on makeup and witness them do their magic. This made us want to play with their lipstick and luckily, some of us succeeded (LOL!). Of course, we understand why teenage girls get so excited about applying their own makeup. We were once like them. It’s also very important to support and guide them when they reach the appropriate age for them to try out beauty products.  Teenage skin … [Read more...]