Selling Your Gold: Pawnshop Or Jewellery Store?

Can’t decide whether to sell your gold to a jeweller or a pawn shop? Maybe this will help. Over the last few years, more and more owners of jewellery shops have been looking to buy scrap gold, and so the options for who to sell to have opened up in a big way. The question is, how much pressure has this put on owners of pawn shops? The answer, well not that much. Pawn shops are still buying as much as they always have, … [Read more...]

Planning for your future retirement

In the unlikely event that you think about financing your retirement when you're starting in the world of work, you may think that time is so far away that such matters can be put off to a later date. However, because life expectancy continues to increase chances are you will reach retirement age and require a decent sized pension pot and that should be thought about as early as possible in your working life. So when is the … [Read more...]

Don’t Tell Mom You’re Running Out of Cash: Steer Clear of Your Parents’ Financial Generosity

When tough times hit us in our twenties... and let's be honest, in our thirties, many of us are likely to turn to mom and pop to help us fix financial problems we are facing. Whether it is our student debt, our poor choices that caused us to get in over our heads with credit card debt, or a divorce that landed us on our rear ends, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to make every effort to not hit up our parents for cash. As our parents’ … [Read more...]

Surviving Retirement: The Single Person’s Guide

There are many perks when it comes to the single life, but one issue that arises with singles is that few actually plan for retirement, compared to their married counterparts, says Bill Hunter, Director of IRA Program Management at Merrill Lynch Personal Retirement Solution. Whether you're worried about your cash or scared of what will happen to your network once you retire, check out these tips that can help you survive retirement as a single … [Read more...]

Top 3 Things That Can Lead To An IRS Audit

Tax season is here and whether you work from home or outside the home you most likely will need to account for all of your income. Even if you earned a little freelance money. I am a blogger and work from home and that means if I earned money blogging then I will need to pay taxes this year. Keeping track of everything when you work from home or work for yourself can be tough and a huge headache. But at the end of the day it needs to be done and … [Read more...]

How To Find Jobs

Looking for a job? So where to find jobs you ask? Well your in the right place. When you're searching for jobs, it can be hard to know where to look for job listings and which sites are the best to use for your job search. Here are some great links that are sure to help you find the job your looking for. Need to earn money while you continue searching for a job. Check out another article I wrote 50 Ways to Earn Cash and More Online. Job … [Read more...]