Theo Chocolate Review

  Just a few days ago I had the chance in reviewing 4 chocolate bars from Theo Chocolate. The Theo Chocolate company is dedicated to making our world a better place. And they are finding ways to do it through their passion, by bringing out the best of the cocoa bean. They are all connected. They touch one anther's lives in incredible ways. They make chocolate. Amazing, delicious, mind-bendingly wonderful chocolate. To the Theo … [Read more...]

Andalou Naturals Review

Andalou Naturals is a of skin care, hair care and body care products. These product are made from blending Fruit Stem Cell Science with natural, gluten-free and fair-trade ingredients, with a minimum 70% certified organic content, for visible and healthy results. Plus Andalou Naturals has joined forces with the Non-GMO Project to become the FIRST Beauty Brand to achieve 100% Non-GMO Project Verification! Committed to the consumer’s right to know, … [Read more...]

Say “I love you” with YumEarth Organics

This Valentine’s Day say “I love you” with YumEarth Organics.  YumEarth all-natural and organic candy gives families the opportunity to give the gift of delicious treats made with real fruit juice, no artificial color or flavors, no high-fructose corn syrup and none of the common allergens, like gluten, soy and nuts.  Let’s make a commitment this Valentine’s Day to write about and give out better-for-you Valentine’s Day candy, like … [Read more...]

Oogave Natural Soda Review

Oogave Natural Soda Review I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Oogave Natural Soda. Oogave is the first company to create a soda that is totally natural, certified organic, kosher, and low-glycemic sweetened with agave nectar. I was able to try all 8 of the Oogave flavors of soda which were Root Beer, Water Melon Cream, Stawberry Rhubarb, Vanilla Cream, Mandarin Lime, Grapefruit and Ginger Ale. These were definitely something very different … [Read more...]

Rawmio and Dastony Review

  I recently had the pleasure of trying Rawmio Gourmet Organic Raw Chocolate and Dastony Organic Nut Butters. Their chocolate and nut butters are all made only from organic and raw ingredients. And are USDA Certified Organic. Hand crafted raw vegan food, and they use an old ancient method known as stone grinding. S0 since our new eating healthy journey I have been eager to try new things. I tried 6 different products such … [Read more...]

Bare Fruit Snacks Review

Bare Fruit Snacks Review … [Read more...]