Ju-Ju-Be Earth Leather Behave Bag Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing one of Ju Ju Be's fall line bag called the Earth Leather Behave Bag. I just love this super sassy bag! With this stylish bag you’ll be ready for a night on the town, or a day of shopping at the mall with your friends. Ju Ju Be was nice enough to send me over this wonderful bag in exchange for my honest review. I love that this bag not only looks like leather but feels like it too. You can tell when … [Read more...]

Caboodles Rock Star Makeup Case Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Caboodles Rock Star Black with Pink Lace Cosmetic Case. Perfect size for any small bathroom counter at 9.5''. This case is super cute and very sturdy. I was able to fit a ton of makeup and clear up much need counter space in my bathroom. Plus it locks at the top so I no longer have to worry about my daughter taking my makeup. Caboodles was nice enough to send me a Rock Star Makeup Case in exchange … [Read more...]

Yippy Dada Baby Changing Bag Review

I was just thrilled when I came across the site YippyDada. They carry a variety of gorgeous diaper bags  accessories, clutches, handbags and wallets like none you have ever seen before. These bags don't even resemble a diaper bag. They look more like a fancy stylish bag any woman would be proud to carry. YippyDada was nice enough to send me over their Zebrax baby changing bag in exchange for my honest opinion. The Zebrax baby changing bag is … [Read more...]

Bling Out Dad for Father’s Day with HipHopBling

HipHopBling.com is a wholesale and retail jewelry company that offers quality in style Hip Hop jewelry. They focus on the quality and value of their products. HipHopBling.com was nice enough to send us over some of their iced out pieces in exchange for our honest opinion. You will feel like a true baller wearing this piece. With out having to spend rapper money. You can grab this Platinum Style Pendent Bling Bling 3D Jesus Piece for only … [Read more...]

LUGZ Changeover Camo Review

LUGZ Changeover Camo is a hot look for this summer! Definitely a must have considering they will go with almost any outfit! The Men's Changeover Camo is a classic sneaker that will provide that all day comfort your man needs with a stylish athletic look his friends will dig! Plus everyone should have at least one pair of nice white kicks! You can purchase the LUGZ Changeover Camo in 4 different styles such as: White/Night Royal/N Roy Cam, … [Read more...]

Wantable Jewelry Subscription Box Review

Not too long ago I purchased a Wantable Jewelry Subscription Box for April. Wantable.co delivers fully coordinated beauty packs that fit your personality and style perfectly. Find out your beauty fit and buy with confidence. Wantable.co has two categories of subscriptions boxes: a makeup box and a jewelry box. The way the subscription box works is you first answer a few short questions so they can match you with the perfect products. Then … [Read more...]