PocketPro Padfolio Case for 13.3″ Ultrabook Review

The PocketPro Padfolio Case if a great find for your Ultrabook. Take work on the go in style wherever you go with this beautiful case specifically designed for use with the 13.3" Ultrabook, 13" MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air. If you like to have a lot of room you could even carry a small tablet in this case. Digital Treasures was nice enough to send me over their PocketPro Padfolio Case in exchange for my honest review. The PocketPro … [Read more...]

bēm Wireless Mobile Speaker Review

As you all know by now if you have been following me for a while, that I love mini speakers. Well I have a new one to share with you called the bēm Wireless Mobile Speaker. This one is super cute and small and works great! bēm Wireless was nice enough to send me one of these speaker in exchange for my honest review. It measures only 2.5” cubed that’s slightly smaller than a tennis ball. This little speaker is so mobile you can use it … [Read more...]

CM4 Q Card Case for iPhone 5 Review

I recently got a new case for my iPhone 5! I love this case because I don't always like to carry my purse everywhere I go. The Q Card Case for iPhone 5 by CM4 makes little things like this so much easier and protects your iPhone from everyday wear and tear. CM4 was nice enough to send over the Q Card Case for iPhone 5  for me to review in exchange for my honest opinion. The Q Card Case can easily fit 3 credit cards, IDs etc and cash in the … [Read more...]

DefenderPad Laptop Radiation and Heat Shield Review

The DefenderPad laptop radiation and heat shield is one of the coolest products I have seen in a while. This product gives you ultimate safety while using your laptop and tablets. It's made to be comfortable and convenient for your workspace. More importantly, the FCC certified lab-tested DefenderPad blocks virtually 100% of all potentially harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and greatly reduces heat emitted by laptops, tablets as well … [Read more...]

Truffol iPhone Case Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the all new Truffol iPhone 5 case that launched on July 20th. Truffol was nice enough to send me a case to review along with compensation in exchange for my honest opinion. Truffol specializing in luxury tech accessories, and just release their new “Signature” case for the iPhone 5 fro $75. This luxury case is available in both silver and navy, this case is a slide-in mechanism that secures the main … [Read more...]

Kobo Touch e-Reader Review

The Kobo Touch e-Reader is compact and very light weight and fully equipped with a no-glare 6" Pearl E Ink touchscreen for a print-on-paper reading experience. I am thrilled to have the chance to review the Kobo Touch free of charge from Kobo. It even comes with built-in Wi-Fi and a slot for additional memory. Has an extra area under settings, I was surprised to see there was games like: Chess, Sketch Pad, and Sudoku and a basic web browser. … [Read more...]