D-Link Cloud Camera Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the My D-Link-Enabled Wireless N Day/Night Home Network Camera (DCS-932L). This small camera comes with everything you need to add surveillance to your home or small office. Plus you can view the live video from any iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Set up is really simple. Just grab the instruction booklet and connect the cables, plug in the camera, run the short installation wizard and setup is … [Read more...]

GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear Review

I recently had the pleasure of testing out GUNNAR Advanced Gaming Eyewear and the pair I received are the Advanced Gaming Eyewear. My oldest two children are avid gammers and play the Call of Duty series daily, and sometimes they spend hours in front of a screen. Causing them to get headaches, red eyes and more. So when these glasses arrived they were thrilled to give them a try. We were sent a pair of MLG PHANTOM with the Mercury colored frames. … [Read more...]

SpongeBob Squarepants 2 GB USB Drive Review

Having extra storage devices is a must in our home. This kids use them for school, to back up their video game data whenever one of our PS3's break and have to be sent backed to the company to be fixed. Which seems to be every 9 months or so. My husband uses a USB storage device for music, and I use one to keep my pictures and important information on that I don't want to lose if something goes wrong with the computer. These are also great for … [Read more...]

Discovery Bay Games Review

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Discovery Bay Games from Duo-games.com. Discovery Bay Games offer a digital+physical gameplay experience while on your iPad! The products I received are the ATARI Arcade Duo Powered, Duo Gammer and Duo Pinball. All these devises are made to play with the iPad but also work on the iPhone or iPod touch. Duo Gammer is a 1-2 player game and comes with an instruction guide, two AA batteries, controller, … [Read more...]