Check Engine Light on? Now What?

So what do you do when your check engine light comes on? That’s one question not a lot of people can answer unless they are a mechanic. However when it comes down to it this is something that’s best to have a little knowledge on. This way when something does go wrong with your car and your check engine light come on you can at least be more prepared and understand possibly the reason it’s happening. 

So if you are ever in a situation were your Check Engine light comes on what do you do? Well the number one answer to this is to of course get your engine checked out right away. Sadly many of us do nothing. I’ll admit I was once one of those people. Because we always feared a possible expensive car repair bill. It’s best to always get it checked out, because many of times I have found that it’s not always a major issue. Use these simple tips so you know what to look for the check engine light comes on. Better to know sooner than later.

What to do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Get the Codes Read 

If the Check Engine Light Comes on, head on over to your local automotive parts store and have your codes read. Once you find out what the codes are you will have a better idea of whats going on with your vehicle. Then you can take your vehicle to a professional. 

Check Your Gas Cap

One of the easiest things you can check first in your gas cap. Many times it’s just as simple as tightening your gas cap. And you would be surprised this will often solve the problem. 

Do You See Smoke or Smell Something?

If you notice your engine is starting to smoke and you see it coming out from under your front hood, along with seeing smoke, if you also smell bad odors coming from your car you really need to get your car checked out by a professional right away.

Listen for Noises

Anytime your check engine light comes on it’s, stop and listen for any strange noises coming from your car. Listen for knocking, popping, rattling, hissing or any other sounds you have not heard before. If you hear any of these sounds it’s very important that you get your engine checked immediately. 

Car Won’t Start or Stalling Engine

Did the car stop? Is it stalling? Will it start? If the car is stalling and it’s an automatic this is very uncommon. This could mean your engine is not receiving the right mixture of air and fuel. This is when you need to get it checked out ASAP to prevent further problems.

Drop in Gas Mileage 

If you notice your blowing through gas too fast especially right after filling up. It’s time to get the engine checked out. If this ever happens it could mean your engine compression is not good.

Now the next time you have an issue and your Check Engine Light comes on keep these tips in mind so you know what to do, then get it looked over by a professional soon.

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