Check the best entertainment opportunities in Dubai with your children and choose property in this area

Dubai mall

The largest shopping and entertainment center on our planet will appeal not only to adults who are keen on shopping, but also to children. Seven thousand square meters of boutiques, shops and entertainment areas include the real state of games – SEGA Republic. Five themed zones created there give delight from a variety of attractions and simulations. In Dubai Mall, you can find quieter entertainments for your children, for example, a huge – 50 meters long and a three-story building – an aquarium, where forty thousand representatives of the underwater world live. There is an oceanological school here, where children will be told in more detail about each of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans. Do you want your child to have a good time? Take them to KidZania, where professional educators will introduce them to new information and knowledge through games and special entertainment programs. And you can take a break from classes by skating. In the evening, everyone, young and old, can go to the cinema or admire the dancing fountains that put on a real show.

Ski Dubai 

Did your child miss the snow under the scorching sun? Give them the pleasure of making a snowman, as there is nothing impossible in Dubai, especially after Ski Dubai, the first Middle Eastern ski resort, opened here. Children over 13 years old are invited to ride any of the five slopes, and beginners do not have to worry – in special ski areas they will be met by professional instructors who will be able to teach both to stand on skis and to make descents.

And for the youngest, Snow Park has prepared many surprises, such as a game of hide and seek in a huge and mysterious snow cave. Even if you have not bothered to bring a hat and woolen sweater with you, do not worry: warm clothes, like ski equipment, can be easily rented at Ski Dubai.

For a good holiday in Ski Dubai, it is most convenient to stay in hotels located within walking distance: Kempinski Mall of The Emirates Hotel or Grandeur Hotel. You can also rent property here. Maybe after this wonderful trip you will decide to settle here or just want to check real estate for sale in Dubai, the UAE, you can visit our website and find the information you need. 


Featuring pools, water slides and a mysterious Misty Lake, this unique water park is a Dubai wonderland. The uniqueness of the lake lies in the absolutely delightful Water Mist Show held on its shore in the evenings, that is, the demonstration of films on the screen, which is created by a falling water stream. In the Kids Soft Play Area, it is quite possible to leave your child under the supervision of a nanny to visit the Space Shot, experience the feeling of flying and feel almost like a Munchausen. And together you can visit the street of magic and clowning – Main Street.

However, the parks and attractions described here do not exhaust the list of possible children’s activities Dubai has to offer. Magic Planet, located in Deira City Center, offers video games and bowling. Children City, which is located not far from Wonderland, invites to have fun while learning. An excursion, along the route of which a cozy double-decker bus will ride you, will acquaint you with the city. And then there is the treasury of Dubai, the zoo and located in the oldest part of the city, Fort Al Fahidi – an impressive wax museum.

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Thus, leave your doubts – it is imperative to travel to Dubai with children and it is a really ideal place to move to. Children are welcome at many resorts, but here you will come across a constant organization for young tourists of all kinds of festivals and promotions, discounts for kids both on flights and accommodation, not only visiting amusement parks. If children are happy, parents are happy too, especially in their own property in one of the best cities on Earth. Make your dream come true with AX Capital!

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