Cities worth Considering For the Next School Trip

Since time immemorial, academic trips have remained to be one of the most exciting parts of study among scholars. During school trips, students get to have a lot of fun as they explore new places, learn about the outdoors, and create experiences that will be embedded in their memories for ages to come. For most academic institutions, field trips are a way to introduce a twist of fun into learning so students can gain a better understanding of some topics they learn in class while experiencing school life beyond the classrooms and dorms. Additionally, teachers can also create memorable experiences of their while on a field trip as they get to better understand the weak points and strong points of some of their students, thus promoting better teaching and coaching. In addition to promoting socialization and the understanding of concepts among students, field trips also allow both teachers and students to break off of the routine, helping them to come back to the classroom re-energized.

But among the various challenges that facilitators encounter when organizing a field trip, choosing a destination is top of the list. In most cases, educators have to choose a destination that is in line with the specific course or subject that needs to be explored. For instance, it could be an adventure trip, a science trip, or a trip related to history and culture. Whatever the case, facilitators need to choose a city or destination where the students will see things and engage in activities that best suit the curriculum. 

Luckily, when it comes to this, we have some ideas. Here are a few cities worth considering for the next school trip.

1. Paris

Known to many as the ‘City of Love’, Paris is every scholar’s dream destination. Adding to its extreme beauty and rich history, it is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, whose construction took place a century and decades ago in 1887. Not forgetting its abundance in art museums, breathtaking architecture, and mouthwatering French cuisine at various spots, the vibrant and versatile French capital has a lot to offer to keep your scholars cheered up. To add some fun and magic into it, consider booking one of those Disneyland Paris trips with a reputed school trip travel company and you might as well be crowned the teacher of the year in your institution. Will most probably take it as a reward or treat as they get to combine learning and leisure.  

2. London


For obvious reasons, London is another great city to consider for your next school trip. For starters, the UK capital has a rich history of the English culture and traditions that many spend ages studying. Especially for schools, a single trip to one of the most expensive cities in Europe is unarguably never enough. Nonetheless, the fact that most of the buildings in the city are ancient makes London even more interesting. There are also lots of fun places to take a peep at, from museums to parks.

3. Berlin

Berlin is another highly popular destination for school trip travelers around the world. Now called the City of Freedom, most people used to associate Berlin with WW-II, after which it became split into two a century and some decades back. Students from around the world, particularly marvel at the remains of the Berlin wall during their visit to the German capital. The city has lots to offer for students, particularly interested in history, arts, nature, and science, thanks to the numerous museums, architectural structures, and parks in the city.

4. Rome

When it comes to the popularity of cities, Rome’s glory is owed to its numerous historic attractions. Especially for scholars in college or pre-college education, Rome is one of the best places to take a school trip. What’s even more fascinating about this city is its rich culture in religion, with many attractions such as the Pantheon, Vatican Museums, and, the Roman Forum, just to name a few.

5. Boston, Massachusett

If you’d rather explore a city in the US with your students, there are a million and one reasons to consider Boston. In this beautiful city filled with green and blue space, the locals love keeping fit. Apart from being a center of some of the world’s most influential sporting events like the Boston Marathon, Boston boasts a lot of wealth in cultural attractions, including arts, music, and theatre. For a good reason, it also ranked number 8 on the list of 2017’s top student cities on the planet. This fact alone makes it a worthwhile city to put in your list of cities to consider for a school trip.

Academic trips are a great addition to any school’s curriculum. They break the monotony and add fun in learning while giving a boost to the students’ concentration levels and performance in classwork. However, the effect largely depends on the destinations you choose for your students’ school trip. The above are just a few of the various cities you may want to consider when planning a school trip for your class.

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