Consider Canada Mark Diamonds When Choosing an Engagement Ring

It’s likely you know this iconic song from the movie, based on the Broadway hit, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.” Based on your age, you’ll either remember Carol Channing, Marilyn Monroe, or Nicole Kidman (in 2001’s “Moulin Rouge”) singing it.

Then again, you might think of others who’ve recorded and performed it, including:

  •  Ethel Merman
  •  Lena Horne
  •  Della Reese
  •  Julie London
  •  EarthaKitt
  •  Emmylou Harris

There’s something to be said for a song so heavily recorded, so enmeshed in our pop culture, that the American Film Institute (AFI) ranked it as the twelfth most important film song of all time. The song celebrates the favourite gemstone’s long history as a precious jewel. Today, the gift of a diamond represents a special, strong and abiding love and is the stone of record for an engagement ring. Traceable diamond engagement rings by Serendipity Diamonds are just one of the best diamonds to showcase to your loved one.

Unquestionably, one of the safest investments you can undertake is in diamond jewellery. Diamond are the hardest stones, considered the most beautiful jewel and synonymous with depth, longevity, and meaning.

The creation and development of a diamond is years in the making, originating deep in earth, under extreme heat and pressure. Through nature or mining, a diamond is revealed, cleaved, and then cut and eventually polished before it becomes the familiar, beautiful gemstone. And the value of a diamond has long been recognized. In the first century, philosopher, naturalist and writer Pliny the Elder was quoted as saying “Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world.” Pliny the Elder’s words have often been resurrected in the promotion of diamonds.

Diamonds were first discovered in India, and later in South Africa and Brazil – and are still mined in those countries. But in the 1990s, diamonds – the birthstone of those born in April – were discovered in Canada. CanadaMark diamonds, for example, are mined at either at the mines located in Ekati or Diavik. In terms of carat production, Diavik is Canada’s biggest diamond mine.

Unsurprisingly, given how Canadians love their land and fight for its preservation, both mines were subjected to concentrated environmental valuations and authorizing processes. Special attention was given to making sure the land kept its integrity as well as the water and wildlife in the Lac de Gras area of Canada’s Northwest Territories.

Knowing the origin of such an important gem is a huge bonus. For example, blue sapphire and diamond halo earrings from Serendipity Diamonds are made of CanadaMark diamonds that are polished and cut by approved, independent third-party manufacturers. The process of the diamonds are fully tracked, with a certificate card (with the origins, technical characteristics and movement) and laser-inscribed with the company logo and a distinct serial number.

Your investment’s safety is further confirmed because CanadaMark diamonds must meet standards for colour, clarity, finish and symmetry and are free of any treatments some companies use to enhance a diamond – which include using lasers to brighten dark inclusions, fracture-filled to mask inclusions or subjected to high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) treatments to change the colour.

Whatever may be trending or popular on Pinterest, couples can rest assured that a diamond engagement ring is a solid and safe investment.

Consider CanadaMarkDiamonds When Choosing an Engagement Ring


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