Cool And Creative Christening Gifts

When it comes to giving a christening gift, you want to make yours stand out from the crowd. It can often be hard to find something that lives up to the expectations of parents, and that will also be treasured for years to come. If you are looking for some christening ideas that are a little bit creative and different from the norm, then we have some suggestions for you. Try to think outside the box or put your personal stamp on things and your gift will be appreciated so much more.

Photo Books

Photo books are a wonderful gift for a christening. If you are good at photography, you could pop round and take some pictures on a regular basis as the child grows. When it comes to the christening day, you should have lots of fun photos to upload and use in a photo book. You can do this online fairly cheaply these days. If you want to go for an even more personalized approach then why not buy a photo album and customize this yourself? You could cover the front with a collage or decoupage made from images and quotes that are personal and inspirational. This is a handy and stylish gift for any family on their special day.

Hand Made Photo Frames

You could make a handmade photo frame and give it as a gift for a christening. Try using a simple wooden frame and then embellishing it with gemstones. You could even just spray paint it gold and add a beautiful photo inside. This would make for a cheap, simple and stylish gift idea that won’t break the bank.

Silver Gifts

Silver christening gifts are the most popular way to go. They are luxurious and stylish. You can find a whole host of different silver christening gift options, ranging from silver spoons to silver egg cups and necklaces. One of the most popular gift ideas for girls is a charm bracelet. Designer brands will often offer the option to make personalized charms to go on your bracelet. This would create a unique and bespoke gift that will last a lifetime. A wonderful family heirloom in the making!

Personalized Items

You can have most items personalized these days. Companies and brands offer engraving service that allow you to write a personal message to a loved one. This allows for a real sentimental touch to be added to your christening gift idea and makes a unique gift that no-one else will have.

Natural Gifts

Get back to nature by gifting something made from natural materials. You can pick up shells and driftwood on local beaches to create a selection of gifts that are naturally themed. You could also get hold of natural pearls and precious gemstones to add to your gifts.

Think about decorating a silver or wooden box with natural materials and creating a memory box. You could fill this with a few personal items that relate to the recipient, and this would be an excellent keepsake for the early years of any child’s life. When they grow up, they will spend hours looking back through their box of memories at the treasures inside.

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