Create The Ultimate Party Atmosphere With Awesome Photo Booth Design

Read this article to get inspired when creating the design of your photo booth. With plenty of tips on how to create the right design for your event, you’ll build the perfect booth.

Create The Ultimate Party Atmosphere With Awesome Photo Booth Design

It’s not a new idea to have a photo booth at a party or wedding these days but it still brings heaps of fun to any gathering. The great thing is that it gets everyone involved and allows people to bring out their childish side. Especially if you add props and costumes into the mix. Then there will be hours of endless fun and laughs as the camera snaps away.

These days, because photo booths have become so popular it almost seems like no party is a party without one. So if you are planning your next bash and want to go all out, consider designing your own one. If you don’t have the time or creativity to create your own however you can always opt to get cheap photo booths for hire for your Sydney event. You should be able to find a local company that offers competitive rates.

If you wanted to make your own, you simply have to look around for certain items in your house. Once you find the following you are set:

  • Your laptop/computer
  • Digital camera
  • Mobile phone
  • Printer

There are plenty of apps and snazzy programs these days to allow you to set up your DIY booth and have it running without a glitch.

It’s true to say though that no photo booth is complete without a funky design. This is really the finishing touch that can bring any booth to life. Pique people’s interest by thinking of some creative design ideas but if you need a little help, we have some good ideas below:

  • Nothing quite says ‘party’ like a backdrop of colorful streamers. You can easily pick them up at any party store and set it up quickly for a funky photo booth scene.
  • Neon balloons make a great addition to any booth design. Balloons always add a fun element to the party, especially when one pops unexpectedly!
  • Props can help bring the design of your photo booth to life. You can make props yourself by printing things out (spectacles, bright-colored lips, funny glasses) and sticking them to cardboard’s. Afterwards, simply glue a small stick so guests can hold them in any position they want and create funny poses.
  • If you choose a rental company like, you can get a team of professionals to design the graphics you want for the booth. Maybe your party has a theme or your gathering is being thrown to celebrate a holiday. Working with the experts gives you a chance to create something stunning and of high quality. Some suppliers will even create the design of your booth to match your party or wedding invites! The great thing about hiring is that there’s a lot of flexibility to make the photo booth exactly how you want it. From the colors used to the booth interface screens themselves. The company should be able to match the booth perfectly to your event moreover create the ultimate party feel for your guests.

When choosing the design of your booth it’s important to consider the theme of your event so you can create the perfect party atmosphere. There are plenty of shops online that allow you to gather supplies and props to make your booth unforgettable.

Ultimately, the theme of your party should dictate which design you choose in the end. If you feel like you need an extra pair of hands to help, photo booth rental companies will give you plenty of advice, equipment, and help in the design department.

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