Creating and Decorating Your Name With Wooden Letters

Everybody enjoys a personalized touch, and wooden letters provide you with nearly limitless ways to create that. From kid’s room decor and placeholders to gift basket accents and custom-made art, wooden letters put a world of creative potential at your fingertips. What makes them even better is that they’re available in a wide range of sizes and styles so you can mix or match in a way that best suits your project. With all that you can do with wooden letters, however, it can be difficult to know where to start. To get you on your way, here are some fun ideas for decorating your name with wooden letters.

Make It Bling

Who doesn’t like something sparkly and bejeweled? To create an stunning and eye-catching piece, try using stick-on rhinestones on your wooden letters. These are inexpensive and can be found in nearly any arts and crafts store in a number of shapes, sizes and colors. This is a great idea for a girls’ name plaque or bedroom wall hanging.

Wrap It Up

Do you ever find yourself ogling the selection in the yarn aisle, but can’t think of what you’d do with it? Luckily, it just happens that yarn and wooden letters were made for one another. Take any color and texture of yarn you’d like and wrap it tightly around the letters until all parts are covered. For more awkward letters like “N” or “W”, you may have to layer the yarn on some points to make sure the wood isn’t exposed. Some tips on choosing yarn include your favorite colors, the colors of your favorite sports team or your school colors. You can also customize your name to the seasons and holidays by choosing yarn colors accordingly.

Simply Stencils

It’s difficult to deny the beauty that can come with simplicity. Sometimes, all you might really want is a subtle, whimsical design to go with your decor. In cases like these, you can’t go wrong with craft paint and stencils. If you desire, give your wooden letters a couple coats of paint beforehand and allow it to dry thoroughly. When you go to use the stencils, the paint shouldn’t feel tacky. Lay the stencil of your choice over a letter, using tape if necessary to keep it flat and in place. It’s recommended to use a dabber sponge for this part since it’s less likely to lay down too much paint and give sloppy results. Some popular ideas for stencil patterns include butterflies, hearts, flowers, animal print and leaf designs.


Stickers come in all kinds and are great fun to look at. What’s more, they’re an ideal addition when you’re decorating your name in wooden letters. Choose a theme you want to go with, pick out any stickers that catch your fancy and adhere them to your wooden letters in any way that suits you. It doesn’t matter whether your letters are painted or bare wood. Once you’ve applied your stickers, go over each letter with a coat of varnish or mod-podge and let them dry. This will seal the stickers to the surface and keep them from coming off.

The next time you’re bitten by the craft bug, consider doing something incredible with your name in wooden letters. It’s the perfect way to personalize your home, make custom gifts or decorate a child’s room. Your options are nearly unlimited, so let your creative side go wild.


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