D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

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D-Link has introduced a new line Wi-Fi Baby Cameras. These new camera transform your mobile device into a full-featured baby monitor to help you stay connected, no matter where you are! The is like having one of those baby cameras that spy on the sitter but better because you can see it in real time. I really love this new idea.



I don’t know about you but when I was a new mom I thought about my new baby almost every hour and minute of the day. Especially when I was at work, I just could not keep my mind off him. Wondering if he was ok, what he was doing, what he was playing with, was he smiling, is he crying and so on. I often wished I could just talk to him for a couple minutes of sing him a quick song while went to sleep.

D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

The is no basic baby camera. D-Link had really taken their time making this a fantastic products for all parents. With this camera you will get: 720p HD video quality  with rich detail and crisp image quality for your monitoring your baby no matter where you are.

Equipped with night vision and infrared LEDs that turn on automatically when it gets dark in your babies room. Along with sound and motion detection that alerts you of loud noises, such as your baby crying.

D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

With camera you will know whether your baby needs light pajamas or heavy with it’s temperature sensor. There is a built in indicator light that informs you if the room becomes too hot or cold.

D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review


Use the two way audio to hear your baby while at work. And hey why not sing a quick lullaby that you always wished you could do but couldn’t because you where working. These tasks are both simple because this camera lets you hear your baby and allows you to respond and calm your child when needed.


D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

Play any of the 5 pre-recorded lullabies to soothe your baby from anywhere.
Also has a MicroSD/SDHC Card Slot that you can use to record snapshots and videos triggered by motion or sound.

D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

And lastly whether your bundle of joy is a boy or girl you can use the interchangeable accent color rings that are pink and blue to customize your way.

D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

With new tech devices like the D-Link Wi-Fi Baby Camera all my questions are answered. I can enjoy my work day and worry less about my baby and see him on camera. I can even talk to him and sign him a song if I want to. all through my mobile device day or night from anywhere around the world.

Go out grab the D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera for your baby or for a friend. It makes for the perfect baby shower gift! The D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera can be purchased at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and online at Amazon.com.

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D-Link Day/Night HD Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review


  1. Patricia says:

    Wow that is so cool. Baby cameras have become so more than they used to be years ago. If I had a baby I would definitely want this.

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