Deep Cleaning and Some Points to Remember

It is needless to say that we want our house clean. With so many different kind of weather that our house is subjected to, it is really easy to spot the dust in the corner or in at the ceiling. Keeping the house clean is simply hygienic; a house full of dusts can breed insects especially during the monsoon season which can lead to variety of diseases.

In order to have a house spotless and without any speck of dust, it is necessary to deep clean your house at least thrice a year. It is more than just sweeping and dusting. It is taking care of the small portions that you generally miss in your everyday cleaning. Now, deep cleaning is an extensive process. If you are up for the task, you can try and do it yourself but it is always easier to hire a cleaning service like king of maids. No matter what path you choose, there are a few steps which can be followed to make the task easier.

Deep Cleaning and Some Points to Remember

Tackle the Bigger Problems First

First, take care of all the big things which include the floor, walls and ceilings, electric appliances and furniture, mirrors and windows. Thoroughly brush and scrub the floor and try to remove all the stains and wipe it with proper disinfectants.

Next thing to bear in mind is the wall and the ceiling. Often they go untouched and hence all of a sudden you see a spider web up there. Thus, take care of that next. It is quite easy to do if you a vacuum cleaner or simply a feather duster.

Lastly, take care of the electric appliances and furniture. Make a list of all the furniture and electric appliances that you own and clean them one by one using dry cloth to dust them and then wiping with a wet cloth. And obviously, do not forget the mirrors and windows, a simple glass cleaner should do the job.

Target Specific Areas

Here, you take care of portions in your house which usually breeds more dust. First is the kitchen. The task is quite simple. Tackle one thing at a time. First the refrigerator; then wipe the microwave and other appliances, and then comes the drawers and shelves and finally the sink.

Next is the bathroom. The process is the same as kitchen. First the floor tiles and bathtub, then the faucets and wipes, followed by drawers and cabinets and lastly the drains and sinks.

Finally comes the carpets and sofas. You can tackle the major portion through vacuuming but for a spotless result, you must do what is known as carpet and sofa shampooing. It involves three easy steps. First wipe and clean the sofa or carpet. Then dry it using fabric soda. Finally apply the chemical treatment but do not use any harsh chemicals.

These were the few steps and pointers to take care of when you deep clean your house yourself or hire someone. Always remember that your work isn’t done after the big things. The small portions matter and require constant cleaning.

So, stay safe! Stay hygienic! And Happy Cleaning!!!!

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