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With Design Mantic I was able to make a complete new logo for my website or what ever I need it for literally within a couple of minutes. This design I liked, to me it symbolizes a helping hand to many people and it has blues and browns in it like my design I already have.

Design Mantic

If you are looking to change things around on your current website or create your first logo I highly suggest you try out Design Mantic. Enter the name of your company in the small box provided on the home page and with a click of a button you have tons of logos created to choose from.

Design Mantic

Each industry will show you lots of logos, and many of colors and different types of lettering. I chose what I felt best fit my needs and picked the color choice I liked most. 

Design Mantic

Now that you have chosen the color you like best you can easily add more to it. Such as: changing the colors within your design, change font styles and the size of them, choose to move text around, change image size, and add more text. The design area is easy to use and can make your logo really pop. If you make a mistake it’s ok, you can undo your last step or redo it.

Design Mantic

Design Mantic

Design Mantic

Also you don’t have to change the logo if you like the first one that was created. It’s all up to you! Once you finish the logo and it’s completed you can buy it for just $29. Once you purchase it you own the logo. You can also make as many logos as you wish.

With Design Mantic you can also view or edit your logos using tablets, iPads, and smartphones. Enjoy creating no matter where you are.
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