Designing Tips for Contemporary Dining Area Designs

It’s very well said that “Family that eats together, stays together”, and this is quite true as meal time is the time to gel with the family. At least one meal per day must be planned as a family meal in order to get the quality time that you might be longing for! To make your meal time the best time of the day, design the dining area in your home with the right ambience and décor that make it cozy and contemporary at the same time.

Ideally dining space requires a dining table large enough to accommodate the members of the family but with little sense of designing and creativity, you can add few useful and decorative accessories to bring this space to life. If you are falling short of ideas while designing your dining space or revamping the existing dining area then take a look at these innovative designing ideas to get the modern dining area in limited budget.

Designing Tips for Contemporary Dining Area Designs

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1. Space Management

Managing the available space in the most efficient way to get enough dining space and eating arrangement requires appropriate space planning. The room size would decide the size of the dining table as you will require at least 3 to 4 feet open space to move around the table, for serving, and also for easy accessibility to the chairs. If space crunch is there then you can place the table next to the wall with open space on 3 sides. For larger areas, place the dining table in the center for formal dining ambience.

2. Hues of Nature

When dining space is part of the living room, distinct flooring would separate it from rest of the room. Mealtimes are more enjoyable when they are enjoyed in the lap of nature. You cannot take the table out in the nature but you can always bring nature inside the room. Include hues of nature in the dining space décor with natural wooden flooring and big window space overlooking the nature. Keeping a corner free for putting up your favorite indoor plant would also make the entire space eco-friendly.

3. Lighter Colors for Cheerful Mealtime

You might have your personal favorites when it comes to colors but keep it soft and light when it comes to the dining area. Light colors will reflect the light and keep the space brighter. When the background is soft and subtle, the colors of the food will also stand out. Keep the entire palate on the lighter side and add only few shades of dark to it for inviting and cozy décor. Lighter shades of wall, art work, furnishing, and furniture are integral part of modern day dining rooms.

4. Add Your Personal Touch and Make it Special

Standard artwork and decorating ideas would make the entire space look well-designed and attractive, but add your personal touch to make it unique. You can use your exclusive sense of designing to make this space special. Display the collection of crockery and other artwork that you have procured from around the globe to make this space exclusive. Putting up the family photographs and portraits on the dining room walls would offer that personalized décor feel and also provide enough browsing material for the guests invited on dinner.

5. Chandelier for Focus Lighting

Focus lighting improves the concentration and would aid one to one conversation. The cozy effect generated by the focus light would help in effective group conversation away from any sort of distractions. The focus lighting for dining area can be achieved by placing the chandelier above the dining table. Large sized decorative chandelier would throw the light only on the dining table to aid the close group conversation. Decorative chandelier would also work as the display piece during the day time. If opting for the heavy chandelier then check the fittings well to avoid any accident in future.

The modern day designing concept comprises of mixing different textures, designs, and wall arts along with table pieces and lights to get the dining room reflecting your taste. Keep your eyes open when you travel, pick the best crockery and table pieces to give your personal space a unique edge over others. Remember that happy mealtimes result into happy lives!

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Author Bio

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