Different Fees Attorneys Can Sometimes Charge

Going to court for any reason is never fun. About 10 years ago I lived in a run down apartment building and eventually we moved our family out of there. But before we did we had a small stove fire in the kitchen that mainly caused smoke damage in the kitchen, dinning room and living room. However it would not have happened if the landlord took care of his apartment and the kitchen appliances such as the stove. We later found out the wire was faulty and that the landlord already knew this, because he had put duck tape on the wire that plugs in the the wall. We never noticed it because we never pulled the stove out. Then when he ordered a new stove he made us put it in, which something only a licensed electrician should be doing.

Needless to say we took him to court for our security which he would not give back. He was trying to keep it, stating we caused the fire. It was very upsetting sitting there listing to this man lie and not care about the families in his building. We ended up losing the court case for something we didn’t do. Anyway, between his case cost and our attorney fees it ended up costing a lot more than what we sued him for.

Did you know about all the different fess that attorneys can sometimes charge you?

Well from what I understand every situation is different, and your lawyer’s fees will depend on many factors. Some factors may include:

  1. Consultation fees.
  2. The time involved in the case and effort.
  3. The skills needed to conduct the case.
  4. If the matter is contingent there may be contingency fees.

    percentage of the amount awarded in the case

    Which is a percentage of the amount awarded in the case.

  5. Flat fees for simple cases.
  6. Hourly rate.
  7. Retainer fees.
  8. Charges based on whether you are a new client or a regular one.

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