Dinner for $2! Try Cheap Easy Family Dinner Tonight

This post is sponsored by Hamburger Helper. This is disclosed in accordance with the FTC guidelines. All opinions are my own. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information. Thank you to Helper for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try your Free Ground Beef Rebate!

How do you cut back on your grocery bill when you are on a tight budget? I like to make a lot of our family meals from home and we also try only to eat out once a month if that. I also shop at some of the local fruit and vegetable markets to save money as well. But getting great prices at the grocery store is even better. Tonight I am making a dinner that will only cost me $2 for all 5 of us to eat. Dinner for $2 is usually unheard of especially for a family of 5. When your on a tight budget the value of Hamburger Helper can feed your family with one box and one pound of ground beef! With the free ground beef rebate, you can get dinner on the table for your family for just $2!

Dinner for $2! Try Cheap Easy Family Dinner Tonight

Hamburger Helper is such and easy family dinner solution on those busy days or even when you are just not in the mood to stand at the stove for an hour. Plus ground beef is a great high protein filled meat. This is a meal that we know our family will enjoy too! With it being so easy you wont have to worry about time either. Even better, there is no waste because everyone will eat it up or it will make great leftovers!

We didn’t eat Hamburger Helper when I was growing up, but when I started a family we did. Now we have been eating it for years. We have it at least once a month, and we also try to find a new flavor if we can or buy our favorite which is Cheesy Italian Shells. Hamburger Helper is something that  I always like to keep on hand for those days when I really just don’t have the time to think about what’s for dinner. It is so easy to make and all that you need is ground beef (or chicken or tuna) to make a complete meal.

Dinner for $2! Try Cheap Easy Family Dinner Tonight

Hamburger Helper has always been a value brand—they launched in the 1970’s to help consumers, like you, stretch their dollars while also enjoying a delicious and hearty meal. They are demonstrating their value again, in a new way, with a free ground beef rebate!

Not only does Hamburger Helper help you stretch your dollar, but all of the hamburger varieties, use one pan. It’s that simple, one pan prep!

Dinner for $2! Try Cheap Easy Family Dinner Tonight

More about this awesome Free Ground Beef Rebate:

1. Visit your local grocer, and purchase 3 Hamburger Helper products and a package of Ground Beef.
2. Next head on over here to get a free ground beef rebate. You will see the digital rebate: “Free Ground Beef, when you buy 3 boxes of Helper.” Please note that you may also buy Chicken Helper or Tuna Helper.
3. Click on the rebate then print and mail in the rebate form.

Click on the image below to get your Free Ground Beef!

Dinner for $2! Try Cheap Easy Family Dinner Tonight

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