Disney Planes Air Race Track Set Review

Would you like to find the ideal Christmas present for your family? If you would love to surprise your kids and have high-flying fun playing with them, the new Disney Planes Air Race Track Set might be the best gift you will be able to find this holiday season. If you are interested in learning more about this set, reading this article will give you a precise idea of what to expect if you decide to buy this toy.

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The Perfect Gift for You and Your Kids

I’ve always been a fan of Disney, something that has given me the opportunity to collect some of their toys and figures over the years. Soon after watching the film ‘Planes’, one of the latest and most exciting Walt Disney animation films, my son insisted that he wanted to play with some toys based on the main characters of the movie. After searching online for some figures, I was able to get my hand on this Air Race Track Set, a pack that includes a plane and track that can be used to easily make all the characters of the movie fly around the circuit.

Perfect for children over five years old, this incredible set also includes the option of buying more planes featured on the animation film, something can allow kids to compete against each other by making their planes race on the track. On top of that, you may effortlessly include different kinds of obstacles, such as slopes or mountains, to make the races more thrilling and competitive. While the set includes some plastic obstacles, you can make your own ones by making use of all kinds of materials. Use your imagination and you and your children will be able to create new worlds where all of you can play together.

Making the Most of Your Race Track Set

Just like with some of the sets based on the movie ‘Cars’, this pack allows you to buy extra planes for your kids to play with. Thanks to a wide selection of figures, your children will be able to choose between their favorite ‘ Planes’ characters, allowing them to emulate their heroic feats in the race track. To sum up, this set is a very original present for the holiday season, something that you and your kids will surely enjoy if you are looking for a toy that can bring a lot of fun and excitement to your lives.

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