DIY Garden Makeover Ideas for Mom


As a mom, your life is always hectic. From helping your kids with homework and bath time, to playtime, cleaning the house and whatever else you have to get done each day. For many moms, spending time outdoors in the garden is the best way to relax and enjoy quiet time. To further enhance your relaxing spot, consider completing a DIY garden makeover. By simply adding something new you enjoy to your garden space, you can feel god anytime you set foot inside your beautiful garden. Check out a few DIY projects below. 

Raised Herb Garden

If you enjoy cooking, one option for a DIY project is to create a raised herb garden. You will need to create a large box planter that sits off the ground and then fill it with soil to begin planting the herbs you enjoy cooking with. If you are handy with woodworking, simply build a rectangle style box to place in an area of your backyard. Add soil and then you have a raised option for planting your favorite herbs. The planting process can be relaxing, and you get to harvest your own herbs whenever you need them! 

Zen Vibes

If you are truly looking for a relaxing space to kick back and unwind, consider a Zen approach. Find a spot in your garden that can be just for you. Add seating and then install a water feature. Add in beautiful floral plantings with a fragrant scent and you have a recipe for relaxation. Enjoy sitting by the fountain, listening to the water as you smell your favorite flowers. 

Adding small spaces like this can truly change the look and feel of your garden. Get ideas from Alessio’s Gardens on how you can transform your space to something truly magical! 

Reading Nook

Time spent outdoors can be more relaxing when you enjoy a good book. Do you like to take time out from a busy day and read? If so, create yourself a lovely reading nook in your backyard. This could simply be a chair surrounded by your favorite flowers or greenery, where you can sit quietly and read. You can also put a hammock up between two trees and swing in the breeze, surrounded by your beautiful garden landscape. Think outside the box and create something you will enjoy. 

Play Area

If you like spending time outdoors with your kiddos, why not create a DIY project that involves them too? If you have the space, you can easily create a fun play area for the kids in your garden. This could be a playground, pathway for bikes, or garden that they can take care of. Think about activities that your kids enjoy and center a play project around their favorite things. 

As a mom, we rarely take time out for ourselves. If you enjoy gardening, make time to go outside each day. Even if you just sit in the garden space, you are enjoying your outdoor area and can relax, even if just for a few minutes!

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