DIY Scratch Remover

DIY Scratch Remover
There has probably been a couple times you have accidentally scratched your vehicle, whether it was from just the kids playing around it, small branches scraped against the car, setting things on it, etc. Getting the scratches professionally taken care of can be costly, but here are a couple DIY vehicle scratch removers that can save you lots of money. These DIY ideas are for surface scratches, however they won’t remove the scratch entirely but will make it very less noticeable, still leaving your car or truck looking so much better.
Most people may already have a can of WD40 laying around in their garage or something. If not this product is very inexpensive to purchase. You’ll will only need a rag and a can of WD40. 
Take the can of WD40 and spray were the scratch is located. Next use the rag and rub it into the scratch thoroughly.
Repeat a few more times, until you see the scratch becoming less visible than before. Click here for more DIY scratch remover tips. 


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