Do Protein Bars Help You Lose Weight?

Does Protein Bar Helps You Lose Weight?

As more and more people reach for protein bars in the grocery stores, one has to wonder exactly how important protein is to our bodies, and whether or not it can aid in weight loss. Did you know that every cell in your body contains protein, and that protein is used to repair those cells as well as build new ones?

Since our bodies don’t store protein, we often need a good bit of it to assist in building strong muscles and bones. Protein is what keeps your nails and hair looking so long and pretty. It’s also what helps keep your skin looking fresh and clear, but how much should you have, and where can you get it?

What Should You Know About Protein

You can get protein from many foods such as meat, beans, eggs, poultry, seafood, and some vegetables. However, you can find more and more shelves at the grocery store stocked with protein bars for those on the go. Though, not all of them are good for you, but just a quick way to pack on the extra pounds.

The amount of protein your body needs will depend on several factors such as the sex of a person, physical activity level, and more. However, 25 to 35 grams of protein is ideal for someone looking to lose weight, considering it helps you improve your metabolic rate. Protein bars are just perfect for the grab and go lifestyle.

How Protein Bars Help You Lose Weight

While there are alot of protein bars on the market to help you gain weight, there are some geared toward helping you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. When this happens, you push yourself harder during workouts to get faster results. The key is to find a protein bar with less than 200 calories with no more than 10g of sugar.

Protein bars can help alleviate the cravings you may have for carbs, and keep you satisfied longer to where you eat less. They also help you keep your insulin levels in check. All you have to do is simply trade one of your meals for a protein bar, or one of your grab and go snacks.

Healthy Protein Bars

The healthiest protein bars is plant based, making it easy to digest, lose weight, and build muscle. These bars have natural ingredients like nuts, fruit, and seeds. They have less than 15g of sugar, and you get to avoid bloating. One of the hottest protein bars on the market include Simply Protein Bar.

This baby has only 1g of sugar with 150 calories, but this sweet bar delivers on the protein and tastes great. With no artificial sweeteners, you can get a box of 12 for about $25. Losing weight utilizing a healthy protein bar doesn’t get any better than this.

You have other brands in the same category such as the organic Squarebar and Health Warrior. The bottom line is that protein bars can help you lose weight when you use as a meal replacement or in combination with a dieting and exercise. The key is to choose a protein bar with little calories, natural ingredients, and no added sugar. If you can manage that, then you can lose weight.


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