Dog Grooming Products – Which One to Start For Your Dog!

Dog grooming is all about maintaining the cleanliness, overall health, and appearance of your pet canine. Regular grooming helps your dog maintain proper hygiene and smell. Grooming sessions will help in the early detection of any skin and health issues. You can become a dog groomer with online courses. However, all your efforts will go for naught if you don’t have the right tools on hand. Here are the top dog grooming supplies you need to consider to keep your dog looking their best.

High-quality dog brush

Regularly brushing your dog’s fur can help with their overall health. Your choice of brush will depend on your pet’s breed and coat. Choose the wrong brush and you put your dog at risk of irritation, brush burn or infection. In general, you should choose a brush with smoothly finished teeth that won’t scratch or damage your dog’s skin or coat.

For dogs with a smooth coat, a rubber curry type brush is a good option. It fits well in the hand and readily removes the short, shedding hair on smooth coats. This type of brush can be used on a wet coat when you are giving your dog a bath or on a dry coat in between baths.

For dogs with a longer coat, a slicker brush is required. Its bent metal teeth are designed to reach past the guard hairs to the undercoat and remove dead hair. It helps defend against mats and tangles.

A good comb

For dogs with long coat, a comb will keep their coats in great shape. The trick is to use the slicker brush from snout to tail. If you are dealing with pesky fleas and ticks, a flea comb is your best option. Some flea combs are designed to be comfortable in your hand to make removing the flea an easy and enjoyable process for your canine friend.

Coat spray

Whether your pet dog has a smooth, long coat, or flowing locks, coat sprays are great before you begin to brush or comb their coat. Grooming sprays will help reduce static and allow your other grooming tools to easily glide through your dog’s fur. Coat sprays are formulated to help you through tangles and prevent future ones while leaving a pleasant smell.

Bath wipes

Pet dogs are quite playful. They like rolling on muddy patches, running after squirrels, and others. Bath wipes are designed to give your pet a quick cleanup in between bath sessions. Most bath wipes are alcohol-free and come with a moisturizing conditioner to ensure a healthy and shiny coat.

Dog shampoo

After a long day playing in the stench and mud, it’s time to give your dog a refreshing bath. A shampoo designed for pets will help remove dirt caused by leather leashes for dogs without causing skin irritation. Avoid using a shampoo designed for humans because they have xylitol, which can irritate your dog’s skin.

Mild dog conditioner

Using a mild conditioner on your dog will help replace natural oils that the shampoo removed from your dog’s skin. Mild conditioners can help smoothen the cuticle of the hair shafts resulting in a smooth and shiny coat. When combined with good brushing and combing, conditioners can help prevent tangled coats.

Drying supplies

After giving your dog a bath, quickly dry your dogs with a microfiber towel and mitt. When using dog towels, pat and squeeze the coat. Rubbing will cause the formation of tangles. If you want to use a hairdryer for your dog, it is worth investing in one. Dryers are designed for double-coated breeds like Shetland Sheepdogs, Shepherds, and Pomeranians.

Nail clippers

Nail clippers are designed for making the task of trimming your dog’s claws. Plier-type trimmers are the safest choice. These trimmers offer comfort and feature sharp blades for a clean, neat cut. Nail clippers are best paired with styptic powder in case a nail is accidentally trimmed too closely. If that happens, press a little powder to quickly stop the bleeding.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Did you know that 8 out of 10 dogs suffer from periodontal disease or other dental problems by the time they reach 3 years old? Gum disease is not something you should ignore. It can cause teeth to fall out, abscess, broken jaw, heart disease or even death. The bacteria from your dog’s bad teeth can get into their bloodstream and kill them.

At most, you should brush your dog’s teeth every day. If you are brushing their teeth for the first time, you need to start slowly. Allow them to sniff and lick the toothpaste first, then put the toothpaste on your finger, and rub it outside their teeth. Work your way up to a finger toothbrush than to a dog toothbrush.

Some dogs will not let you brush their teeth. In place of toothbrush and toothpaste, there are dental sprays and tooth wipes.

Flea & Tick Prevention

Dogs like to jump through tall grass, flush out birds, and vermins making them susceptible to desirable guests like flea and ticks. For their safety, consider buying flea & tick prevention and apply them at least once a month.

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