Don’t Let Your PlayStation 3 Go Naked – Cover It with a Skin

As sleek as the PlayStation 3 looks, it should not be left to rest on your shelves or tables uncovered. A naked PS3 is an unprotected PS3, putting your console at unnecessary risks; because gaming isn’t about sitting still and enjoying the game quietly. It’s about losing yourself to the mission entirely, and if that means button mashing, yelling at the screen, or jumping on your furniture, then so be it. But don’t make your PS3 responsible for your mistakes should your rambunctious behaviour causes damage to the console.

Don't Let Your PlayStation 3 Go Naked - Cover It with a Skin


A PS3 skin is the only way you can successfully protect your console from the rigours of gaming. As a vinyl covering that adheres flush to the body of the device, it hardly adds any dimensions to your console – which means, unlike a huge plastic case, you won’t have to worry that its addition will mean you have to move it from the tight shelf it currently sits on. Skins can also cover your controller, extending protection to something that sees a lot of abuse during any given mission. Like its console counterpart, a PS3 controller skin will wrap around the curves of the controller and sit snug against its body.

Adding a skin is also akin to adding some flair. Vinyl, in addition to creating a durable layer that protects your PlayStation gear from scratches, dents, and grime build-up, can be customized to look the way you want it to. You can add a shock of colour to make your PS3 stand-out or apply a mahogany skin to make it blend in with the décor. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to find something that fits your personality, so after a group play, no one is left wondering whose controller is whose.

You know you found a good skin when you can choose from several styles and interchange them with no worries about left-behind residue. When skins are quality made, no gunky glue needs to be used. This means you can peel off the bright orange skin you liked last week, and replace it with the polished silver skin you want this week.

The best part of it all, when you’ve found a good skin, you can easily have more than just 2 styles. Due to the price, you can outfit your PlayStation in a skin for less than $15. That is, only if you visit the “boss of vinyl”. As the leading provider of skins, dbrand provides affordable products that look great and protect well. By using genuine 3M vinyl, they can create a superior fit and better coverage, so every dip and curve of your controller is protected. The latest PS3 skins from dbrand also have the good fortune of looking amazing. So the next time you look down to your controller and realize it’s black plastic is naked and vulnerable to the dangers of gaming, slap a quality, 3M vinyl skin on it.

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