Door Handles 101: Understanding the Different Types for Your Home


Building a house takes a whole level of attention to details. Especially when you’re living within the beautiful and majestic Australia, your home should be an epitome of class and luxury. There are so many critical things you need to focus your attention to when it comes to building your home. From your window to high-quality door handles, your drapes to lighting, many such parts are  essential to set your house that needs careful planning before you buy.

For many people, all door handles are just the same. But did you know that there are diverse kinds of door handles with different mechanisms? All these differences can entirely affect the performance of your door handle. Each door will have an ideal door handle to go with it, depending on its function.

Here are the different types of door handles to help you with your shopping.

Keyed Door Knobs

These are the traditional keyed entry hardware and pretty much offer convenient operation and designs. These feature latches that disengage when you turn the doorknob. When you lock the knob, the latch is restricted from getting disconnected from the outside. Thus, a key is always required.

Keyed Door Levers

These are designed primarily for smooth operation; with no twisting or grasping motion of the knob. When you push the lever down, the latch is disengaged.

Upon locking the lever, you cannot engage the latch on the doorknob from the outside when you don’t have the keys with you. The interior portion of this door lever has a push or turn button so that you can engage the lock. These types of door handles are right-handed, left-handed, or universal. 

Keyed Deadbolts

Deadbolt locks provide a second locking point of your door when you pair them with locking levers or knobs; thus providing you with an added layer of security. There are generally two types of deadbolt locks. 

The single-cylinder locks need a key to unlock from the outside. However, you can open these on the inside with a simple thumb turn or a small knob. These are great options for doors without a glass to provide operation of the doorknob from the outside. Its design gives you an easy exit in case an emergency arises.

The double-cylinder deadbolts will require you a key to unlock from the inside and outside of the door. They enhance your home security, especially if your door has a glass near the lock. For easy access during an emergency, make sure you keep a spare key in a specified location. 

Keyed Handle sets

These types of high-quality door handle add a bold and decorative touch to your entry door. The set includes a door handle, a deadbolt, and a thumb-operated latch. The knob operates from the interior door latch.

These door handle sets are left-handed, right-handed, or universal. Depending on the model, the deadbolt may be a double or single cylinder. Some door manufacturers offer a matching but non-functional handle set to complement a double door. 

Electronic Door Locks

For your convenience and added security, automatic door locks are great add-ons. Keys are no longer needed as there are other innovative ways to gain access. It could be a touchscreen, a numeric keypad, or a keychain remote or a biometric lock.

When looking for high-quality door handles, do your research first. You have so many options in the market today. Find the one that suits you and your home’s needs.

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