Dove Has Helped More Than 14 million Girls Build Their Self Esteem #FeelBeautifulFor

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As a mom of a daughter who is now 17 it’s important I show her and tell her she is beautiful inside and out no matter what anyone says.  It’s also important to me that not only does she know this but also believes it! Beauty is truly is so much more than whats on the outside too, but I believe it’s important that out daughters know they are beautiful on the outside no matter their size or shape too!  This day and age, girls are focused on their appearance only it seems What we see on TV and magazines it not real, and all photoshopped in one way or anther.  However there is no way of stopping our daughters from seeing this.


With that being said Dove Beauty has helped more than 14 million girls build up their self esteem. Stop by and visit the Dove Beauty page on Walmart’s website to see what Dove is doing to help build girls’ self-esteem, and to hear what other women and moms have to say about their beauty legacy, and to see great deals on Dove products. Check it out here

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