Duracell Powermat Portable Charger Review


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As a mom, wife and blogger on-the-go it’s nearly impossible to keep your phone charged throughout the day. After many phone calls, texting and picture taking, your cell phone battery will drain quickly. The last thing you need is for your battery to run out while you’re at the store or running around town, inhibiting you from checking up on the kids.

Duracell Powermat Portable Charger

Duracell Powermat Portable Charger

Duracell Powermat, has the solution for this. Here are some great choices for busy moms. These batteries are powerful enough to charge both your phone and tablet. The Portable Charger include Go Power Daytrip Backup Battery and  the Long Haul battery. These products will make sure you do not run out of power in times when you most need it most.  

They are also a great source of power on the go for your mobile devices. The GoPower universal portable batteries offer power for almost any device and battery anxiety situation. Whether it’s a day trip, or a longhaul trip, Duracell has you covered. They also come with built in wireless charging, so you can recharge them easily.

Day Trip Battery is the perfect daily power companion, and  Duracell’s most compact portable battery for smartphones.

Duracell Powermat Portable Charger

Duracell Powermat Portable Charger

Duracell Powermat Portable Charger

The Long Haul Maximum power, which is enough to keep your smartphone, tablet and other USB devices going for days.

Shop Duracell Powermat today at www.duracellpowermat.com.

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