Easily Add Value To Your Condo In Miami

So you have decided it’s time to sell your condo and you want to get the most for it. Renovating your home doesn’t have to be hard. With a few simple tips and a little research you will be on the right track and have your condo sold in no time.  

10 Ways To Easily Add Value To Your Condo In Miami

  1. Lighting is key. Making lighting updates around your home actually makes a huge difference. No one wants a house full of dim lighting.
  2. Be sure to clean it up. Clean up of all the messes and clutter inside and around the outside if your condo.
  3. Fresh paint always looks good, and with a little research you can even make a room appear bigger just with colors and where you put them. Check out these great home renovation project photos for more ideas.
  4. Add fresh flowers arrangements from a florist around your condo.
  5. Plant flowers outside of your condo.
  6. Remodel the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling generally returns more than 90 percent of its costs.
  7. Hardwood floors is something you should consider, because wood floors are a hot item today and an attractive feature to buyers.
  8. Replace old carpeting. Do not try to clean those old carpets. Replacing the carpeting with light tan or any neutral carpet really is your best bet for resale.
  9. Replace chipped or cracked tiles, and clean or replace the grout.  This can be expensive so replacing just the broken one is a much cheaper option.
  10. Get rid of the old textured ceilings. These older ceilings often have asbestos and can be health hazards if disturbed.  This is something that can turn a buy off right away.

Consider checking out the 25 biggest renovation mistakes to be sure you are on the right track and get the most for your condo. Also before you do upgrades, it’s very important to look over the condominium rules for your area and bylaws. And also check with your condo association about which upgrades are and are not allowed. As some renovations may be prohibited.

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