Electric Scooter: A Convenience or A Risk

There is no doubt that scooters are fun to have around. However, the debate that has been going on for quite some time now is whether to opt for electric scooters or otherwise. While some scooter fanatics have distanced themselves from electric kick scooters citing the dangers, they pose to other road users, the electric diehards maintain that the benefits of these vehicles are far more than their disadvantages. In that case, we take our time to analyze whether electric scooters are indeed beneficial or they are just disasters waiting to happen.

Electric Scooter: A Convenience or A Risk

Benefits of Electric Kick Scooters

  • The Scooters are Convenient

Most of the people who own electric scooters claim that these types of vehicles are very convenient. For instance, you can ride your fast electric scooter through your first or last miles to and from work. This makes the journey fast, reliable and portable at the same time.

  • Scooters are Energy Efficient

As compared to other modes of transports such as cars and motorcycles, electric scooters are by far the most energy-efficient. When an electric scooter is fully charged (it takes about 5 hrs.), the energy conserved can help you cover around 30 kilometers very comfortably.

  • A scooter is Affordable

Another selling point of electric scooters is that they are an affordable means of transport as compared to the rest. For instance, if a person decides to do away with his ageing car and opts to by a scooter, he will end up saving more than a thousand dollars every month. He will be able to cut on the insurance, installments and petrol costs.

Looking at the current market, the rates at which scooters are purchased have shot by over 30% in the recent past. Some of the electric scooters diehards even choose to import scooters that can travel to a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Disadvantages of Electric Scooters

In as much as these vehicles are somewhat beneficial, they still have their challenges. For instance:

  • They are a Major Cause of Accidents

These scooters cause an uncountable number of accidents, especially to pedestrians. Scooter riders are reckless and they cause havoc each time they are in their ventures. Even though no major accidents have been reported, scooter riders still inconvenience other people.

  • They are Everywhere

Since scooters have no designated parking areas, you will find them everywhere. The parks are clear that they have no room for scooters and those found in the area are fined heavily. This creates a problem for people who want to use other public services.

What the Authorities are doing

The authorities are reluctant in allowing scooter riders to operate freely in the region as other motor vehicles’ owners do. However, we expect that the regulations will be less strict as time goes by. The fines imposed on scooter riders for careless mistakes may also be reviewed in the time to come.

Electric scooters come with many benefits. For instance, they are affordable, they consume less energy and they are very convenient. However, on the other hand, they are very prone to accidents that lead to hefty fines. Also, the authorities are reluctant to set up a place for scooter riders to park their vehicles. However, that may soon change in the future. Until that happens, we can say that electric scooters are very convenient based on the pros and cons that we have analyzed.

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