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I recently had the pleasure of trying, Eylure Naturalities Evening Wear Ultra Glam Lashes-the ideal accessory, Eylure Natuarlities Super Full Adds fullness and length to lashes, and Eylure Ready to wear Pre-glued lashes. Eylure lashes were first developed by a partnership of make up artists and costume designers, David and Eric Aylott. Eylure lashes were admired for creating an instant effect on camera, better than any other make up company. In 1948, David and Eric decided to sell their famous lashes for retail price. By the 60’s, Eylure established to be a “must-have” item.
I was definitely excited to receive the Eylure false lashes because I’ve never used false lashes and I don’t have the longest eye lashes so I do what I can to enhance them. Both my daughter and I tried the lashes, I tried the Eylure Naturalites Evening Wear Ultra glam lashes-the ideal accessory. I loved these lashes, the great thing was that they weren’t too much and they weren’t too little. To apply them was easy but I had a little trouble getting the lashes in the correct spot that I wanted. All you had to do was use the glue provided and put it on the edge of the lashes where you’d stick it on your eye lid. Then stick it on your eye lid right where your natural lash begins for the real effect. You may have some trouble with this part, I know I did. But in the end my daughter helped put them on me. And like I said before I loved these lashes, they looked so real! And when I put make up on it completed the whole look, I know I will keep using these lashes.

Me with Eylure Lashes

My daughter with Eylure Lashes

Next, my daughter tried the Eylure Naturalites Super Full Adds fullness and length to lashes. Since she already has full, long lashes when she put the false ones on it just looked so good. When she first put them on she didn’t like the feel of them, because she’s never wore false eye lashes. But I told hear she’d get used to it, because how long the false lashes were she could see them when she blinked, but that’s not a big problem. She is considering on wearing the lashes to school to see every bodies impression of them. She really likes these lashes and is planning on wearing them again as well. And to apply the lashes was the same for my lashes, just apply the glue and stick them on.

Lastly, I tried the Eyelure Ready to wear Pre-glued lashes. I thought it was cool how these lashes were already glued, so that’s less trouble I have to go through to get them on. I really liked these ones a whole lot because they looked really natural and it’s like they blended in with my normal lashes, it just looked so great.

All in all each lash product was great, worked great, and looked great besides the getting-them-on-part. I recommend the Eylure Ready to wear Pre-glued lashes and the Eylure Naturalites Evening Wear Ultra glam lashes-the ideal accessory to people who want that natural look, and I recommend the Eylure Naturalites Super Full Adds fullness and length to lashes to people who want a more of a full lash look.



Disclosure I received Eylure product from Eylure.com for green in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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