Fall Fashion Trends Lee’s Curvy Fit Lena Skinny Jeans


Most recently I had the opportunity in trying a couple products from Lee Jeans sent to me in return for this post.

The fall season is here, along with the beautiful chilly weather comes new fall fashion trends. Warm colors and comfortable styles that are in this season. Lee’s fall line has the perfect collection for you to choose from when looking for something fashionable and comfortable, you’ll look good running errands during the day as well as having a night out on the town.  

I had the chance in reviewing two pairs of jeans from Lee’s collection; Curvy Fit Lena Skinny Jeans-Modern Series in the color Serene and in size 12, and L in the color Dreamer in the size 12. My daughter was my model for this product, and she was so happy to try these jeans on. 
Best Fall Jeans of 2015 Lee's Curvy Fit Lena Skinny Jeans
The Curvy Fit Lena Skinny Jeans- Modern Series are built with an advanced no-gap waistband that is midrise in the front and higher in the back that bends with you while hugging your curves. These jeans are crafted in high stretch rayon denim that retains its shape all day, so you won’t have to worry about it getting baggy in certain areas. Designers made these jeans with your curves in mind. As soon as my daughter slipped into these jeans they fit perfect on her. She’s a curvy girl and sometimes its hard to find jeans that not only fit right on her thighs but also on her waist. She loved these, they weren’t too tight or too lose in any areas, they tucked her in perfectly, the fabric was soft and the color was great, the dark pair and light pair can match with many of her shirts. They weren’t too long on her either, she’s quite short and has a hard time finding jeans that are the right length. 
Best Fall Jeans of 2015 Lee's Curvy Fit Lena Skinny Jeans
They weren’t lying when they said it retains its shape all day, me and my daughter wen’t out shopping and she wore a pair while we were out, and all day they kept their shape, they were snug and looked liked she had just put them on. These are her new favorite jeans, she’ll definitely be wearing these a lot. 
Best Fall Jeans of 2015 Lee's Curvy Fit Lena Skinny Jeans
Best Fall Jeans of 2015 Lee's Curvy Fit Lena Skinny Jeans
Not only do they offer great Curvy Fit Lena Skinny Jeans, they also carry Curvy Fit Ruby Boyfriend Jeans- Modern Series. With a slightly different style the Curvy Fit Ruby Boyfriend Jeans are designed with the same awesome features as the Curvy Fit Lean Skinny Jeans.

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