Family-friendly travel guide to the United States

Travel time is always a time to rewind and relax. It is a time to enjoy all the opportunities and see the world in a different view than you have always seen it. It is also time to think about the next step in one’s life. Travel time gets more exciting if you are having it with and around your family.

The joy of having kids and spouses around with nothing to do than eat, relax and play is second to none. If you are planning to travel to or around the United States, then you can be sure you are in for a lot of goodies.

Below are some of the places you and your family shouldn’t miss out when you travel to the US.

Orlando-Walt Disney world: this gigantic amusement park is designed specifically for families. The thrill rides and fun performances never get finished. If, for whatever reason, the Orlando Walt Disney world does not excite you, then Florida sure has a lot of theme parks that you will appreciate. Some of these parks include Universal Orlando Resort and many others.

Yellowstone: there is a lot in store, especially for kids, at Yellowstone. The Old Faithful eruption, the Yellowstone river falls, the Hayden valley and so much more that your family will enjoy in the area. The camp has many well-equipped campsites, so you can ditch the hotels if you want to. It’s going to be a cosy night with your family.

Grand Canyon: at Grand Canyon, no member of the family will be left bored. A ride on the Grand Canyon railway, rafting the Colorado river, a trip down the North Rim and so much more are what you can engage in to not only enjoy yourself but keep the family bond strong. 

Washington D.C: Washington D.C is always happy to accommodate families. The national mall is often where most families first stop in the city. There are free attractions, lovely monuments and museums kids will love. Outside of the mall, you should also visit the national zoo that houses more than 1500 animals. Here, you can be sure to spend the whole day. And if you are interested in cutting down on cost, you should consider booking a hotel nearby.

San Diego: San Diego offers you sandy fun. There is a zoo, SeaWorld that has numerous marine life that will leave you wowed due to their funny behavior and character. The safari park and Balboa Park also offer animals like the African safari and beautiful green spaces to explore.

Maui: this is an Hawaiian island that is great for kids of all ages. It has sights that both young and old will appreciate. And the beaches are, of course, family-friendly. The Napili beach is fun especially in the sun and the Waianapanapa state park offers unique black sand shores. If you and your family are interested in seeing the world’s largest dormant volcano, then the right pace is the Haleakala national Park. You can also visit the Lao Valley state park for scenic tropical hikes.

Honolulu – Oahu: this is the perfect location for families with varying interests. The Waikiki Beach, Lanikai Beach and the Kailua beach park are some of the locations in the area where your family can have a good time. If you love to stay active, then you will love the island hiking options as well as the Diamond head state monument and the Koko Crater Trail.

Yosemite: Yosemite is popular and an  excellent family destination because of its numerous outdoor offerings. Here, your family can go on horseback rides, fish, hike or raft down the Merced River – the fun and opportunities are endless. You should visit the Yosemite Valley, however if you wish to stay in the valley, you might need to book your accommodation almost a year in advance for the park is extremely busy.

Anaheim–Disneyland: this is similar to Orlando due to the mouse-themed attractions that keep kids and their parents busy and smiling all day long. Anaheim also houses the Knott’s Berry Farm and Adventure city. Should you be visiting during the baseball season, do well to visit the Angel Stadium.

Myrtle Beach: here is one of the perfect family travel locations the US has to offer. Attractions at the city include Ripley’s Aquarium, the family Kingdom amusement park, the Broadway Grand Prix and other mini-golf courses. Summer at Myrtle Beach is often crowded with other families, so you should plan ahead. Again, booking your accommodations months in advance will save you so much stress.

International travellers.

ESTA USA requires that visitors to the country have a permit that showcase that they are eligible. The ESTA is an online form that you have to fill and provide necessary documents. After filling the form, you will be notified, often after a few hours, whether your request is granted or not.When your ESTA request is granted, you will have up to two years, however to have your ESTA check done, all you have to do is go to the ESTA official website, and make the request by filling out the online form, having done that, your status will be sent and you can know if you have to fill in another ESTA form or you are free to get your tickets.

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