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Like every other woman I love using makeup and getting new kinds all the time. So when I heard I would have the chance to review Ferro Cosmetics inc. of course like any other new product I get I was super excited to open it and try it. Ferro Cosmetics uses 100% pure ground minerals without harmful fillers, oils, chemicals, preservatives and fragrances that can be found in other mineral makeup. There are no irritants, so it is safe for sensitive skin and also contains natural titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, providing a natural UVA/UVB shield and is water-resistant. Also, The mineral formula has light reflective properties, giving skin a luminescent glow while diminishing crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. Sounds pretty irresistible, right?

The cosmetics I got to try were, Miss Priss Blush X3. Blush X3 is a Multi-use 100% mineral pigmented that adds long wearing color to cheeks, lips, eyes , and even nails! It uses pure mica pigments blended into a Zinc and clay base for a beautiful natural color that soothes, lasts and protects. The color, Miss Priss is a soft and ethereal shade that gives skin just a kiss of color, and leaving a dewy luscious finish. It has all natural ingredients. It is paraben, cruelty, and bismuth free and all vegan. Eye Candy 15 Hour Mineral Eye Shadow in the color, Storm. Eye Candy 15 Hour Mineral Eye Shadow has pure vegan mineral pigments for the eyes that multi-task. Ferro Cosmetics has over 45 absolutely stunning shades that allow you to build intensity and control the amount of pigment you want. It is also water-resistant, irritant-free, preservative-free, and lasts for 15 hours! This color adds a soft POP to any shade, apply it wet for a more intense color or shimmer effect. This eye shadow can be used as a liner as well. Eye Candy 15 Hour Mineral Eye Shadow in the color, Emerald Smoke. Two more eye shadows in the colors of Pink Ice and Spirit. A Matte Mineral Veil in the color, Sheer. The pure mineral powder infused with natural clay that removes shine, sets makeup, absorbs surface oils, and mattifies skin to an HD Finish. It is all vegan and paraben and cruelty free. A Mineral Bronzer in the color, Glow Baby. Glow Baby isn’t a bronzing shade, but more like a healthy glow and leaves the skin radiant and glowing. Glow Mineral Bronzers give your skin a realistic sun-kissed glow, in shades that are conducive to your own skin’s own natural pigmentation from the sun. And lastly, a Mineral Glossamour in the color, Butter Cream. Mineral Glossamour lip gloss is full with moisturizers to keep your lips soft and plumped. It is paraben and cruelty free.

All the eye shadows were light and very airy and went on easily and the color stayed nice bright and vibrant. I really liked all the colors, I mixed and matched them and blended some together. I first used the Pink Ice eye shadow with the Spirit eye shadow. I blended them together and it looked great! Before I put the eye shadow on I used the Mineral Bronzer. And it added just the right glow and sparkle to my face. The Mineral Glossamour was just the perfect nude color. Not too little not too much, it went well with a lot of different shades of eye shadows I have.
Wholly each product was great, and I love the fact that they are all vegan and do not test on animals! I definitely recommend Ferro Cosmetics to anyone. Also try checking out their site, ferrocosmetics.com and browse their other great products and learn about their history.

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Disclosure I received Ferro Cosmetic products for free from ferrocosmetics.com in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. I love the silver color. the eye shadows are very pigmented. Excellent review 😉

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