Find Out How You Could Get Free Gas!

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This summer Sunoco has another Free Fuel 5000 sweepstakes happening!  Sunoco will be giving away $5,000 in free fuel to 11 prize winners! And thousands more will win Sunoco gift cards, just for being spotted at any Sunoco gas stations. But that’s not all, you can win online too!  For more prizes and chances to win, make sure to follow GoSunoco on Facebook! Find a Sunoco near you by visiting the Gas Station Locator page. Find out how to win free gas below and enter our giveaway for a $25 gas gift card. Don’t forget to also check out the Free Fuel 5000 Sweepstakes page.

Find Out How You Could Get Free Gas!

Sunoco gas gift cards can be used for any kind of purchase at any Sunoco station, APlus convenience store, and Ultra Service Center. These cards are available in $25, $50 and $100 denominations. Make your gas gift card last longer with discounts on gas using your APlus Rewards card.

Find Out How You Could Get Free Gas!


This summer, Sunoco is giving away $5,000 in free fuel to 11 grand prize winners. Check back here to see as Sunoco announce all of the Free Fuel 5000 Grand prize winners. For more prizes and chances to win, make sure to follow GoSunoco on Facebook!

Three ways to get your decal:

1. Stop by any participating Sunoco Station and pick one up for free.
Find a Sunoco near you.

2. Request a decal on Facebook at

3. By mail: send a self-addressed stamped envelope along with a 3″ x 5″ card with your name, home mailing address, age, and phone number to:

Sunoco Free Fuel 5000 Sweepstakes Decal Request c/o department 585547 P.O. Box 5046
Kalamazoo Ml 49003-5046
For more information, read the official contest rules.


Now for our giveaway. One of our lucky readers will win a $25 Sunoco Gift Card. Enter below. You must be 18 years of age or older and live within the USA.

WINNER IS… Aaron Reck

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  1. Clark Veals says

    With so much hatred and vitriol in this country today, oftentimes the love , kindness and caring, such as given by you is overlooked. I feed the homeless in my city on Monday mornings, Wednesday and Friday late afternoon as well as Sunday dinner. It is my passion. To me, those that I come into contact with during these times are Children of the God I worship…even the drunk and drug addicted (hate the sin, not the sinner!). Yes, it hurts that a human has given up on life so much that they fill the void with substances that alter thought. Those that are in situations that have nothing to do with drugs and alcohol, but a society that is the root of their despair, are grateful, though many feel ashamed. I just hope that they know I am not a judge of them, only a vessel of providential blessings. I, a grown man, will sometimes cry at night after the feedings because I cannot do more. Especially the children. But, the bright eyes I see as they receive a plate of hot food is incredible. At one time, I paid for, prepared and served the food by myself. But as I believe goodness and love given to others will eventually be recognized, two families that once slept in tents close to a river, found homes and jobs and have returned to repay (I never asked for repayment) what was given to them. Our meals are alot better, and their example of moving forward hopefully contagious. They are not making alot of money, but the fact that they do what they can is the epitome of morality and goodness.

    So thank you for your services to your fellow human beings. For we know that money does not make a person better than the next. It is indeed the ability to love and care for another that completes the person (especially those that have nothing..they the forgotten).

    The gas card if won would go to two other families that are on the verge of getting employment and homes. They have seen the aforementioned examples, and have been collaborating in their efforts to get off the street. I watched as they collected recyclable materials to get a mini van in working order. I paid for the registration and have had the joy of watching the total effort they have maintained. The heads of household have temp to permanent jobs and the gas card will ensure their presence at work each day. Just watching them, I know that getting to work is the only thing that will compromise their venture to success.

    May you stay strong and ever compassionate to your fellow human being. As quoted…you never know when you are entertaining (helping) an angel.

  2. Lori Odijk says

    If I would win this card, I would definitely keep it for future travel!

  3. Amber Cheras says

    It would go towards a family road trip to visit my side of the family.. its been too long!

  4. I would keep it for myself!

  5. Sheralle D. says

    I will definitely keeping this to use for our family. With school starting soon, every dollar is needed right now.

  6. Christy Maurer says

    I would keep it to help my family out.

  7. Kimberly Flickinger says

    If I would win, I would keep it for myself. My family and I are planning a road trip to upper Michigan later this month. Thank you for the chance.

  8. Sara Floyd says

    I would use it for myself and my daughter

  9. I would definitely keep it.

  10. lupita m says

    I would gift it to my boyfriend thanks for the opportunity.

  11. lupita m says

    I would gift to my boyfriend

  12. Tee Anderson says

    I would gift it to a friend.

  13. Crystal Rogers Walker says

    I would keep it and use it to go see my Dad in Chattanooga it would take this amount to go and come home, perfect

  14. Lee Mckeon says

    I would gift it to one of my daughter’s teachers!

  15. Emily Smith says

    I would keep it to use toward a road trip.

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