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As far as power tools go, oscillating tools have the renowned capability to be full of versatility. They are much underrated to someone who has never used them and yet once they begin to, they are left wondering how they ever got by without them. In the previous past, oscillating tools were rare even in the standard tool boxes but fall in prices has seen their demand sore to great lengths. They appeal to professionals, amateurs and generally those who like to DIY. They have the uncanny ability to be very easy to use and do not require training for first timers. Read on to find out just what to consider in finding the best oscillating tools.

Corded or Cordless

Ideally, a cordless tool is more convenient because it does not put much restriction as far as movement goes. That said, a fully charged battery will not last as long as a plugged in cable. The corded oscillating tool is more powerful because it is sturdy as compared to the cordless one. The only downside with the corded power tools is that sometimes the cord is too short and thus limits the area within which one can work on. When choosing a corded tool, it is always good to consider the length of the cable although some manufacturers have noticed this discrepancy and have begun making provisions for lengthier cables.

Accessories and Attachments

With blades being so expensive, it is important to check the contents of the kit before making a purchase. Most oscillating attachments fall under the category of sanding, grout removal, cutting, scraping or polishing. Keeping this in mind and knowing the intended use for the oscillating tool will help you decide on which tool will serve you best depending on the accessories that come with it.


Oscillating tools will ostensibly cut well when they are rapidly fast. It is not always the case though as much is dependent on the oscillating angle. When one is doing precision work, the faster the better is not always the case. It is better to find a moderately fast oscillating tool if one is looking for utmost control and precision.

Weight, Balance and Comfort

It is very important to choose an oscillating tool that sits comfortable in your hand, one that won’t leave blisters in your hand. In line with comfort is noise and vibration as these can make your experience regrettable. As far as weight goes, do not just go looking for a light power tool as it might not get the job done. It is always good to strike a balance in any purchase and power tools are no exception. A review done that lists the top 5 oscillating tools in 2018 has put weight as a factor to consider before a purchase.

Type of Work

The type of work that one intends to do with the oscillating tool is of utmost importance when considering what to buy. If one intends to use it for minor repairs or for removing grout should go into consideration when deciding on the best oscillating tool for you.

Whichever brand of tool one decides to buy, it is good to consider some of these key pointers in the right direction. In case one is stuck in decision making, then it doesn’t hurt to consult from online reviews. It is a tool that can come in handy when you least expect it to.


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