Finding the Best Vacuum Sealer

Finding the Best Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers are a common tool found in most commercial kitchens to help in convenient storage of food items. Similarly, this tool is also finding its way into most of the residential premises too, particularly, to homes where buying foodstuffs in bulk are commonplace.


What is a Vacuum Sealer?

Also known as vacuum, food sealer machine or packaging machine, a vacuum sealer is a storage tool used to prolong the life of your food. As the name suggests, a vacuum sealer basically “vacuum seal” food items, creating an airtight environment for your food. And by creating a vacuum seal, there is virtually no compromise to the food quality.

If you’re into bulk shopping and want to stretch your dollar farther, you might want to consider a vacuum sealer.However, finding one that suits your needs can be quite challenging. Fortunately, in the section below, we have already done a vacuum sealer research, and we shall provide you with some tips for finding the best vacuum sealer n the market that fits your needs.

Tip of Finding the Best Vacuum Sealer


  • Design


Vacuum sealers are manifested in three unique design; chamber, external and handheld vacuum sealers. Each of the three design comes with its own set of pros and cons and this should help you in choosing the right vacuum sealers for your needs.

Ideally, however, if you’re looking for a commercial bulk storage unit, you might want to consider chamber type, while if you’re hardly going to use your sealer, you might lean towards handheld devices.


  • Type


In the same breath with vacuum sealer design, some sealers are designed for particular types of sealing jobs. For instance, there are sealers that are developed for meat sealing, veggie sealing and so on. So, when choosing your device, you need to consider what is your intended purpose, and what is the popular food you’re looking to seal.


  • Portability


Portability is of the essence, especially with the handheld sealers. On the other hand, even though large sealers such as chamber sealers may not be out rightly portable, you should consider their footprint. Choose a sealer that fits your needs but still conserves your space.


  • Sealing Mechanism


The sealing mechanism of the vacuum sealer boils down to its quality and performance. Here, when looking for the sealing mechanism, pay special consideration to the quality of the heating bar. Ideally, the best vacuum sealers incorporate heating bars covered by heavy-duty silicon frames.

Auxiliary Features

The best vacuum sealers often provide users with a gamut of auxiliary features for extra settings. Some of the supplementary features include adjustable vacuum strength, rapid marinate mode and other essential extras.

If you are the fancy type and are looking to make a statement, you might get excited with the sealers that incorporate pressure gauges and LED indicators that will assist you in monitoring the sealing process.

We hope that after going through this article, you will now be able to choose the right vacuum sealer for your needs. Whichever, model or type you choose, one thing is for sure; the device will keep your food lasting up to five times more than the conventional packaging methods.


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