Flatware 101: What You Need to Know About Knives


You can find Albany on Western Australia’s southern coast and is about a five-hour drive from Perth. With its proximity to Middleton and Emu Point beaches, one can enjoy either swimming or kayaking in any of Western Australia’s shores. Eating out in the area can be quite the experience with the ocean breeze to accompany you while dining. But should you decide to stay home and cook for your family instead, using the right tools will surely make the whole thing easier.

Instead of getting a generic set of cutlery, purchasing high-quality alternatives like the Stanley Rogers Albany cutlery set, which you can use at home, whether it is for personal use or events, will be more cost-effective in the long run. 

Types of Knives

One type of cutlery is the knife, and they are used to either cut or chop food items, whether they are cooked or uncooked. As there are distinct types, it depends on what kind of food you will use it for. 

Size Classifications

  • A butter knife or spreader may be the smallest one in a set and has a rounded tip and a flat blade. You can also use it for other spreadable toppings. 
  • A dinner knife has a rounded tip and has a longer blade compared to a butter knife. It is best to use for vegetables or soft meats. You can also use it to replace salad knives
  • Bigger than a dinner knife, you can use the European Dinner knife in a more formal setting. 
  • A fish knife, as the name suggests, is used for fish, and sports a wide blade with a dull edge. Its purpose is to separate the fish meat from the bones. 
  • Suitable for cutting and peeling fruits, the fruit knife has a pointed tip and a serrated or curved blade. 
  • It has a smaller size compared to the dinner knife; you can use a luncheon knife in line with the luncheon plate.
  • If a dinner knife is not available, you can use a steak knife as a replacement. It can either have a serrated or non-serrated edge, and it lasts longer as it need not be sharpened that often.

What to Look for in a Knife

It might seem trivial, but a kitchen knife needs to be of excellent quality if you will use it in the kitchen. With the different types of food that you might handle in the kitchen, a knife will be your best friend in preparing food and in eating them.

A knife should be durable and can endure repeated use. So go over a few tips that we have in selecting an excellent knife.

Be aware of the knife that you will need for your kitchen. There is nothing wrong with getting a different kind of knife that you already own, but it is best to be invested in a good one at the onset. You can get one from a set, like the Stanley Rogers Albany cutlery set, or get it on its own.

Are you comfortable when you hold it? If it feels wrong after just a few minutes of handling it, then try to look for a different knife that feels right on your hand.

A knife should be made from a single piece of steel. It should not be made by joining two pieces of steel, as it will not make a good knife. It will be weak and might have a chance of breaking off if you do not handle it well.


There are other kinds of cutleries, but the most basic one you will need is the knife, as you really would not get to eat if you cannot prepare food. Yes, you would need the other pieces of cutleries, but the knife is used for both preparing and eating, making it an essential part of the kitchen.


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