Flips Audio Headphones Are The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season!

Revolutionary brand, Flips Audio, is the 1st ever headphones-speaker hybrid that goes from solo to social with the flip of an ear piece. Flips Audio is the first of its kind, allowing users to share their favorite tunes by simply flipping the ear piece of the headphones that convert right into speakers.

Since school has already begun, kids will love Flips Audio! Whether it be walking to classes they can wear them as headphones jamming out, or whether it be at lunch time they can just flip the ear piece and jam out with friends.

Flips Audio Headphones Review

These are one of the coolest headphones-speaker hybrids! Because they are the only one of their kind! These solve so many issues that have come up, you could be just wearing normal ear buds and some friends wanting to listen in on your music, there aren’t enough earbuds to go around, and sometimes your device alone isn’t always loud enough over a crowd for you friends to hear.


If you had Flips Audio . You could just flip the ear piece, or both and share your music with everyone! Truly turns solo into social! And it’s not one of those to too goo to be true statements, because it gets even better, the sound quality is great, nice, loud and clear!

These are truly the new innovative, revolutionary speaker/headphones that everyone would own!

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  1. My son would love a pair of these for the Holidays. I will have to take a look at how much they cost.

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