Fortnite Patch Update 14.10: All You Need to Know

Fortnite is on a roll these days. Since the release of the new season, its Marvel-themed additions have been turning heads left and right in a positive way. We’re happy to announce that, until now, there has been no shortage of new content coming in from Epic Games. Whether it’s new skins to quench a player’s thirst for more ways to customize their characters from the Fortnite item shop down to some map changes that impact how people play the game, one thing’s for sure: Epic knows how to get the ball rolling! Moreover, there have been tons of updates made over the last few days since the release of Season 4. Some of them included the Black Panther monument that might or might not be dedicated to the late Black Panther actor, Chadwick Boseman, and then there are more wacky places such as the Ant Manor which looks like an oversized doghouse. For Patch 14.10, we’ll be taking a look at everything that you need to know about the latest update such as new skins, content changes, and more!

The Stark Industries Has Landed

Stark Industries has officially warped its way to the Fortnite map. It’s currently situated in one corner of the battle royale’s island. Aside from the huge building, you also have the option to face Tony Stark himself once you enter Stark Industries. It looks like there’s a reason for him being here as well. According to this season’s lore, Tony Stark has been harnessing the power of rift beacons for a week now and has warped his building, the Stark Industries, into the map in order to assist with the battle of Galactus who seems to be arriving in the later updates. We’ve already seen the arrival of other superheroes such as the She-Hulk and villains like Doctor Doom. It’s only a matter of time before everyone is here to assemble for perhaps the most anticipated battle in Fortnite history! And of course, it’s not complete without a new skin that you can either purchase from the Fortnite item shop or unlocks through the Battle Pass! The Tony Stark skin is now available and can be bought with V-Bucks. So if you’re an Iron Man fan, then this is the perfect skin that you can add to your collection.

Who’s Coming Next?

The heroes that we’ve seen so far are all well and good, but who’s coming next? Fret not, there are a lot of options that Epic Games can take when it comes to selecting the right heroes for the job. Spider-Man is looking to be the people’s favorite in terms of who they want to join in on the fun next, but Epic has been keeping pretty mum about other future updates for Season 4. Knowing them, they might even do a silent drop of more heroes or possibly even their own hero—a unique character that’s a creation of the folks over at Epic Games. But for now, we’re not too sure of who to expect next. We’re currently in the third week of this season, so there’s no doubt still a lot of content coming in the future.

A New Hero is Entering… You!

We didn’t expect that you yourself could be one of the heroes that could save the world of Fortnite, but here we are. Fortnite has always spun the story themselves without having the players too much impact on what was going to happen in every season, but it looks like they’ve had a change of heart this season. You can now customize your own hero through the Fortnite item shop! Whether this means that you’ll be a part of the story that unfold this season, we don’t know. But this patch update is one of the bigger ones that we’ve have so far.

Final Thoughts

And those are the updates for Fortnite Patch 14.10! Considering it’s a bigger update compared to past patches that were made, you can expect to wait a bit before your client finishes downloading all the files. So what do you think of the changes and additional content? Do you like it or would rather like to have some more Fortnite skins in the Fortnite item shop instead? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or two below!

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