Four Easy Ways to Save Some Extra Cash by Remodeling Yourself

Owning a house isn’t cheap. Everyone knows that. Between the endless procession of appliances breaking, drains backing up, and kids breaking this or that, it’s not easy on the pocketbook or the brain, to be completely honest. But just because it’s not cheap to fix up the house, it doesn’t mean it has to annihilate your pocketbook. Here are a handful of cost-saving measures that will save you well over a fistful of dough.

Change a door

If you’re anything like most people in the country, the idea of changing a door brings about as much anxiety as losing a job, but it’s much easier than most think to switch out that old, rickety back-porch door—and much softer on the pocketbook too.

First, pick out your door. We suggest dutch doors for a classic look that lets in natural light and beauty while keeping out all the nasty things nobody wants. You can find nice rustic looks for dutch doors at this link.

Here are a couple of things to remember when installing a door.

  • Measure, measure, measure
  • Ensure your door is the right size for your frame
  • Make sure to get accessories that will fit with your door

And when it comes down to the actual install, here’s a wonderful guide to help it go smoothly.

Change out your vanity

The vanity is always the first stop in the morning, so it’s important to make it welcoming. Home furnishing retailers and do-it-yourself websites list countless ready-made vanities for sale that any homeowner can install. You will love the new look that a vanity will give your bathroom. It won’t cost a fortune and you can install it quickly. They come in many different finishes so you can find just the one you want. You can get directions on how to install online or at your local home improvement store. 

Here’s the rundown on installing a new vanity.

  • Measure
  • Choose a vanity that fits the area and your personality
  • Pick out your accessories
  • Rip out the old one
  • Install your brand-new vanity
  • Adhere it to the wall
  • Connect your fixtures
  • Connect your water supply

And just like that, you’re done. It can be done in an afternoon with a little help from a little helper or even done by yourself with some big help from a bottle of wine.

Revamp that old closet

It’s the bane of every interior decorator—metal-frame closet racks. Those white-painted atrocities are ubiquitous in almost every house from the east coast to the west. They don’t have to be, however, because with just a little bit of wood and ingenuity, you can rig up something much nicer for just as cheap.

Make your way to the local home improvement store and head to the lumber department. Pick out wide planks and some two-by-four slats. Simply rip those no-good wire racks out and toss them straight into the trash. Next, grab your two-by-four, secure it to the wall, then screw your planks straight to the top of it. Within an hour or two, the closet has gone from looking dreadful to fabulous.

Nothing says new like paint

Painting is one of those duties that anyone can do, and it takes a house from garish to captivating in the span of an afternoon. Here are some quick tips to ensure your painting trip is as carefree as possible.

  •  Start with the right paint
  •  Pick a color that matches the mood of the house
  •  Buy rollers for big areas and brushes for detailed work
  •  Prepare by taping off any sections you don’t want to get paint on
  •  Set up a drop cloth for any spills
  •  If there is a spill, get it up quickly with a wet rag and no one will ever know

Now, these are just a few of the steps you can take to make your house look completely new without breaking the bank on contractors and carpenters, plumbers or electricians. Before you take a trip to the store, check out this guide on some things to remember before the big update.

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