Free Car Seat For Low Income Families

Free Car Seat For Low Income Families


  1. jesus chavez says:

    hi my name is jesus and I’m dad and I need help w/h baby car seat my baby is 9 months please help me. thanks

  2. Vanessa Contreras says:


    My name is Vanessa Contreras. In contacting you in regards to possibly receiving assistance with baby car seats. I have just given birth to twin babies. They came 7 weeks early and are currently in NICU Because they are early we were not completely prepared for them yet. Though I have been able get then basic clothing necessities, we unfortunately haven’t been able to afford the larger items such as bassinet and car seat. Any assistance is most appreciated and helpful.

  3. Miranda Andrews says:

    I’m a 23 yr old single mommy and my daughter is growing so fast! She is now 5 months old and 16 lbs and is getting to big for her current car seat! I lost my job and have no income rt now and wasn’t even able to have a baby shower. I REALLY NEED HELP!!! She’s even growing out of all of her cloths and I’m stressing so bad! PLZ HELP IDK WHAT TO DO

  4. Jennifer moore says:

    Hi my name is Jennifer I’m in desperate need for my grandson which is due September 21 unfortunately I’m a single mom myself and all my money goes to bills I take care of a family of 4 on only my income we need help with a crib car seat what we can get help with we I would be so great full

  5. Ashley Lockerby says:

    My best friend will be having a babygirl in October and has been able to get nothing due to struggling to pay rent. Because of that i have been gathering things to help her out. i have gotten her a bassinet, bouncy seat, 2 bath seats, and a big big bag of clothes. to top things off i would love to have her be able to have a nice car seat to bring the baby home in. i have been in situtatuons where i have had no help, so i am trying my very best to help my best friend. thank you.

  6. Jennifer Cummings says:

    I am a step mom to a beautiful 4 year old and a mom to a handsome 3 year old and I watch a 3 month old every other day and unfortunately all three carseats were in a car accident. The children were not in the car but am unable to get more car seats cause I am unemployed and so is my fiancee. Also my best friend who was in the car accident with me lost her 2 year old sons carseat we had in the trunk we were bringing home. Please help us cause we can’t get them to daycare for us to job hunt.

  7. Consuelo Almendarez says:

    I am in need of baby boystuff single parent with norhing for him he is coming in november

  8. Luci Dunham says:

    Hi my name is Luci i am 32 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my 5 child with all the school supplies and clothing I was barely able to afford I am unable to purchase a car seat for my new baby is there anyway you could help me I have never asked for help before and don’t feel very comfortable doing so but I have no choice.
    Sincerely, Luci


    MY son will be 1 years old next month n is to big for his car seat n having a hard time for one n a stroller his stroller isn’t going to make it it was a handy down set so it’s hard for me ny husband due to he lost his job

  10. Nicole M Kyper says:

    Hi, my name is Nicole..I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and also have a 2 year old…I do have a job but i have bills to pay and it is hard for us to be able to afford a carseat for our soon to he arriving lil man…I am starting to stress over it and really need the help getting him a carseat…I would appreciate it more then you would ever know seeing that we never ask or get help from anyone…

  11. Sativa heather bytendorp says:

    Can u please help my family my bro and sisters 6 months old baby girl my niece needs a car seat really bad we are a low-income family need my nieces to be safe…

  12. Laura lee jones says:

    Hi my name is laura i was in a abusive relationship but was able to get out of it but I am pregnant and due next thursday for the doctors to induce labor and my baby is only 4lbs 9ozs but i cant afford to buy a carseat because im on a fixed income and i dont get payed until next month and i can’t work they have me listed as high risk is there anyway you could help me please.

  13. Gina Schutz says:

    Hi my name is Gina, i am a Veteran, mother of one, and 37 weeks pregnant. I have recently lost my job as a respite care taker for mentally disabled personnel due to their change in contact and cannot afford a carseat due to very low income.

  14. I’m 38 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. I’m having trouble getting a car seat.

  15. Jessica McAlister says:

    Hello, my 17 year old daughter is pregnant and I am a single mother of 4 kids and I already have a 7year old grandchild! We are in desprite need of any baby stuff that we can get! I work but the bills and car note take everything I have!

  16. I am 33 weeks pregnant with a little girl and have no way to buy a car seat. We are very low income.

  17. Cristina says:

    Im 37 weeks in need of careseat where going through some money issues and dont have the necessary thing for my baby any help please.

  18. Laniqua Scott says:

    I’m due any day now and my unborn son has no car seat to come home in any help in the Stone Mountain area please and thank you a

  19. Linda Jones says:

    My daughter is due in a couple months. We need to find a free or very, very inexpensive well built car seat. We live in Oklahoma. Thanks for your help.

  20. Yaneris Vargas says:

    Hi I’m 38 weeks pregnant I’m expecting a boy we are going through a very hard time we don’t have anything for the baby yet not even a pair of clothes I know the hospital don’t let you leave without the car seat that’s really my concern I can have the baby any minutes and I don’t know were to get help

  21. Belinda Hammond says:

    I need a car seat for my 5m old he has out grown his

  22. Amanda Cobb says:

    My daughter is in desperate need of a new carseat for my grandson who is due in 3 weeks or even sooner. We dont mind recieving used items, just important to get a new car seat and I am currently living in the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission in Kalamazoo MI and I am there due to a severe roll over car accident on May 3rd 2017. We are absolutely desperate. My daughter is not 18 or older and we were just starting to get on our feet and the accident set us over a month behind.

    • Angela Harris says:

      Please use the ideas and resources above and you will be able to get a cars seat for her.

  23. Julie plourde says:

    I am due any day and still am unable to afford a car seat when my baby arrives. Any help on where to go in Jacksonville FL is greatly appreciated

  24. Marie Jackson says:

    I need of car seat

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