FREE Cast Iron CornBread Pan


FREE possible $10 credit when you sign up. Use that credit to grab a Cast Iron Corn Bread Pan for FREE. Now not everyone will get this $10 credit it seems to be hit and miss. But it’s sure worth a try.

Heres how:

Log in/sign up  to your LivingSocial account.

Look under National Deals then click on The Seasonal Chef and look for the picture below.

Scroll through the slideshow until you see a “Get Discount” button.

Click on that to get your FREE $10 credit!!

CLICK HERE to check it out!!

Cast Iron CornBread Pan



Thank you Shore Savings With Patti


  1. Crystal Walker says:

    There is no discount, I can’t find it

  2. susan quackenbush says:

    The picture does not exist.

  3. Jennifer Mann says:

    Cannot find GET DISCOUNT…little help please.

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