FREE Kindle Downloads for 2/9

FREE Kindle Downloads for 2/9

Here is another great list a FREE Kindle Book downloads. NO Kindle NO problem! You can read anywhere with Amazon’s FREE Kindle reading apps. Download the FREE Kindle App! Choose your device below:

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OR you can buy a Kindle for as low as $79 and up to $199. I personally LOVE my Kindle Fire which cost $199. This Kindle has everything an expensive tablet has. I can read thousands of free books, watch movies, chat with friends, play games solo or with friends, surf the web, add all kinds of cool apps, check my email, website, you name it! Check out the Amazon Kindle store.

*Keep in mind that if you see a free Kindle book download you want get it right away, because the price can change. And no worries if you don’t like the book just remove it from your device.


Kindle Deal of the Day: For only $0.99 grab At the Sign Of the Sugared Plum

Mary Hooper’s gripping tale follows the lives of two young women in the bustling city of 1665 London when it was suddenly swept over by the horrors of the Plague.



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