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Marilynn Halas introduces the Fuzzwippers with stories. They’re fuzzy little creatures that give children a friend to play, talk, adventure, and be accompanied wherever they go. Fuzzwippers whisper in the language of Imaginarius, and assure children that they are needed and loved. “You are loved, no matter what” has become a very popular saying at the end of each of Marilynn’s books. Children of all ages will be fascinated by these new-found friends.

“Hello, We’re The Fuzzwippers”, and “Fuzzwippers Find Good Listeners” are two of the first books in the series.

“Hello, We’re The Fuzzwippers” introduces the Fuzzwippers, what they are, and what they are here to do. As well as teaching children that whether they are playing a game or cleaning up after a meal your Fuzzwipper friend will help you feel more comfortable. Although the world can be overwhelming at times, Fuzzwippers are here for a sense of friendship and security for your child. They have, and will travel a longs ways just to be that special friend.

There wasn’t an actually plot to the story, it was more of an explanation.

“Fuzzwippers Find Good Listeners” is about Fuzzola and their buddy Katherine. It talks about how they met, what they do together like make up stories and draw pictures. Katherine and Fuzzola could speak and understand each other perfectly, but were worried that it was hard for other Fuzzwippers and their special friends. So, Katherine and Fuzzola, together wrote the Imaginarius Translation, a special book that helps Fuzzwippers and their buddies communicate.

Both of these books help with self-esteem, social, and emotional skills.

My younger son, Shaunn is at the age where he has met academic challenges, and learning about individuality. It is also at the age where puberty and self-esteem issues have occurred. He knows that his family loves him no matter what, but as well as friends around him.

When I introduced him to the Fuzzwippers, he just fell in love with it. I’d see him carrying his Fuzzwipper friend around where he went, as well as reading the books on his own. I love seeing him happy and playing with a big imagination.

The Fuzzwippers are a great way to set forth, love, friendship, imagination, and fun!



This package is being offered just in time for the holiday season and to help celebrate the upcoming publication of the third title in the series, Fuzzwippers Play Fair, which releases December 21, 2012.
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