Genie Bra Review

I’ve heard of the Genie Bra before but wasn’t quite sure about the whole concept about it. Until, finally I decided to look it up, and BAM! I was blown away with it. It’s a completely different made bra that is more efficient and has a better performance then the leading brand of bras.

Genie Bra was nice enough to send me over a few bras for my daughter and I to test out in exchange for my honest opinion.

My usual bra has the normal adjusting straps, and has a wire at the bottom to hold me up better. But us women who have bras like this know for a fact that they can be very uncomfortable, too tight or too loose. And I know we’ve all had that one incident where our bra unhooked in the back. Embarrassing! But Genie Bra is a new and improved product that will leave you feeling great about it!

The Genie Bra is soft and custom conforms to your shape and doubles as a camisole. Made with 96% Nylon, and 4% Spandex, giving you maximum coverage ideal for under low cut tops, sweaters and dresses. Designed with their Ever last, comfort stretch fabric.

Genie Bra Review

Genie Bra Review


Unlike most bras, Genie Bra has removable modesty pads for extra lift and coverage. It’s knitted wide support band eliminates the need for under wires. And it is machine washable. I sometimes have issues with by bra being to tight, yet to help hold me up, rolls on my back form and just look horrible in a nice shirt I have. But Genie Bra as no clasp in the back, you just slip it on. The fabric is soft and felt nice on my skin. It is thin and to be honest while I was wearing it it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything, which is fantastic!

It was nice and smooth and smooths out ever thing, even without under wires it held me up great, and did loose shape through out the day. The Genie Bra smooths out just the right places and is just a wonderful product! They are so comfortable, I love them. They are by far better than any bra I have bought.

The Genie Bra may look a bit like a sports bra, but the Genie Bra isn’t tight nor is does it squish your breasts closer to your chest. Although it is shaped like a sports bra its mechanics are way different. I highly, highly recommend Genie Bra to everyone! You will love it! Visit their site, and look at the Genie Bra for yourself, as well as check out the other products they have like leggings, camisoles, and custom genie bras.

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Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. These bras look so comfortable. I need some new bras and I would like to get me two of these!

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